Your Camera's New Home

ultraCage delivers the protection, accessory mounting, and form-fitting design that turns your camera into the ultimate production system. ultraCage is camera-specific so it hugs perfectly tight around YOUR camera's curves and functions. The vertical supports stretch from the ultraBase platform and wrap around the camera to meet the upper support clamp. At top and bottom are 15mm rod supports, 1/4"-20 mounting points along both sides, and 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting holes on top and bottom. All buttons and functions are fully accessible within ultraCage, so there's no reason to ever take the camera out.

360 Degrees

Wrapped in mounting points, ultraCage opens up your rig to limitless peripheral arrangements. It also acts as a roll bar, should your camera be dropped or hit. And since it leaves the camera unobstructed, you can swap cards or batteries or attach cables in the middle of a shoot.


ultraCage retains access to all buttons, doors and features while in the cage and is unobtrusive enough to stay on the camera even when shooting stills. ultraCage enhances the camera's performance and is easy to use on set. It supports endless configuration options and never gets in the way.


The ultraCage system is modular: make it is as small or large as your production calls for, in just minutes. And it works with all other Redrock gear, as well as accessories like the microFollowFocus, microRemote system, powerPack, and many more.


ultraCage is camera-specific: there are separate models for Canon C100, C100mkII, C300, C300mkII, C500, Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K/4k, and an ultraCage specifically for DSLRs. This way the cage is a utilitarian extension of YOUR camera, and hugs perfectly tight around its curves and functions.


The backPack attaches to the ultraCage rear chassis to keep accessories like batteries clear of camera operation. The powerPack delivers power regulation, conversion, monitoring, and distribution, and mounts directly to ultraCage for EOS. The 19mm rail clamps can be added to ultraCage to help integrate an even wider range of accessories.

Ultra Rigs

ultraCage configured in a number of ways to exactly meet your needs and shooting style. It is the foundation for any rig you could ever need: handheld, shoulder mount, studio, gimbal, jib, and more.

powerPack – Canon Cinema EOS Kit


ultraCage Handheld Rig for EOS Canon Cinema MKII


ultraCage Black Ultimate Studio Bundle for DSLR


ultraCage Chassis for Cinema EOS MKII


Nikon D810 Filmmaker’s Kit


ultraCage for Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera


ultraCage for DSLR


ultraCage Cinema EOS MKII


ultraCage Black DSLR Studio Bundle


ultraCage Black Studio – Cinema EOS C100


Studio Rig for Canon Cinema EOS MKII


ultraCage Studio Rig for Blackmagic Cinema Camera


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