Nikon D810 Filmmaker’s Kit

Nikon D810 Filmmaker’s Kit


SKU: 8-113-0012

The ultraCage Black for the Nikon D810 gives you everything you want in a support cage for still and motion shooting.

Unmatched Camera Safety and Support

The ultraCage Black for Nikon D810 secures the camera and prevents it from shifting in the cage along any axis under even the most rigorous conditions. With integrated top and bottom 15mm rail clamps , the ultraCage is the ideal starting point for building any rig. Whether it’s for the studio, handheld , or shoulder mount work, the ultraCage Black for Nikon D810 does not disappoint. The top rails are ideal for mounting accessories like a monitor, wireless focus motor, and wireless video transmitter; while the bottom rails are a great mounting point for a shoulder mount, chest brace, or hand grips. Surrounding the camera with 24 mounting points, the ultraCage Black is also the ideal solution for mounting cameras to things like steadicams, cars, and cranes.

Key Features

  • Mount your Nikon ME-1 stereo mic to the top of your cage
  • Mount your Atomos recorder and adjust the viewing angle and position
  • Attaches to the complete rig to your tripod or slider
  • Expand to make any rig you want with built in support for top and bottom rails: handheld, shouldermount, complete studio

Tech Specs

  • 24 threaded cage mounting points to attach and position camera-top accessories and support brackets
  • Integrated Top and Bottom Rail Clamps for ultimate expandability
  • 4 points of contact between the camera and cage for security
  • Add the wireLock for protecting the camera’s HDMI Port (optional accessory)
  • Lift and Lock Thumbscrews for easy adjustment

What's Included

  • 1x ultraCage DSLR includes Universal hot shoe top-mount and Anti-rotation locator pins for Nikon and Canon
  • 1x ultraCage Shoe Adapter
  • 1x 6” 15mm Carbon Fiber Rod
  • 1x 4” Grip Rod
  • 1x microMount with spud
  • Weight:4.95 LBS

What DSLRs are compatible with the ultraCage?

Most standard height DSLRs are compatible with the ultraCage, including: Canon T2i, T3i, 60D, 7D, 5D MKII, 5D MKIII Nikon D90, D300s, D800, D810 Sony A50 series, A60 series, A70 series Many Nikon and Canon cameras have an additional anti-rotation locking pin for added support. While not required, it provides an extra level of security.

Does the ultraCage work with taller cameras such as the 1D X or Nikon D4, or ones that have an add-on battery grip?

No – the ultraCage DSLR fits the shorter form factor of standard DSLRs. For taller DSLRs or add-on battery grips, consider the ultraBase DSLR support plate.

Can I use other cameras with the ultraCage DSLR, such as micro four thirds (MFT) cameras?

Yes these cameras are compatible with the ultraCage, but they are smaller, so all features of the ultraCage may not work exactly the same (for example, the bottom battery door is covered on the smaller MFT cameras, and the cage won’t be as form-fitting).

Can I add other ultraCage components, such as the rear cage?

Yes you can add virtually any other ultraCage accessory. For a powered cage, use the powerPack Universal edition.

Do I still have access to the battery door or other ports?

Yes – the ultraCage maintains access to the battery door, memory card door, HDMI output ports, and camera control buttons.

Can I use ultraCage with wireLock HDMI lock?

Yes, wireLock attaches to the ultraCage and delivers a secure connection for your HDMI cable.