Studio Rig for Canon Cinema EOS MKII

Studio Rig for Canon Cinema EOS MKII


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Complete your Canon EOS MK II Cinema Camera by adding a support cage designed for the C100 MKII and C300 MKII

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Studio Rig for the Canon Cinema MK II Cameras

The ultraCage is a lightweight and form-fitting rig that delivers all the needed features for stability, security, and modularity. The ultimate rig for studio-style productions where most of the shots have the C100 MKII and C300 MKII on tripod, dolly, or steadicam. Completely unobtrusive so that all the camera displays, buttons, and doors can be accessed without interference. Configurable for a variety of rigs including shoulder, handheld, and single or double top handle.

Key Features

  • Fits like a glove for accessing any of the cameraʼs features or attaching accessories like the removable handgrip
  • Mounting points everywhere - to attach and configure your rig in any way
  • Configure and extend to your exact shooting requirement
  • Designed with the correct height and mounting points for adding the wider 15mm studio offset or 19mm rails

Tech Specs

  • Powered cage option - power the camera and camera-top accessories with Canon EOS powerPack that attaches directly to the baseplate
  • Optional backPack - mounting plate kit for mounting battery plates

What's Included

  • 1x ultraCage Black for Cinema EOS MKII
  • 1x ultraCage Rear Chassis Assembly for EOS MKII
  • 1x microMount with Spud
  • 1x Grip Rod - 4"
  • 18" 15mm carbon fiber rails - 1 pair
  • 14" 15mm carbon fiber top rails - 1 pair