Up your Robotic Game with
Synchronized Focus Iris
and Zoom Control

Add complete lens control to your robotic camera setup with Eclipse for Robots. Give your shots a cinematic edge with smooth focus pulls, snap zooms, or slowly changing lighting conditions. With a track record in production, and a technical heritage in real time robotic systems, it’s the perfect blend of organic and precision to make your robotic camera shots stand out.

Cinematic Results

Eclipse is our third generation lens control system proven for years in cinematic production. Using Mimic from Autodesk® you can visually create organic and natural-feeling lens adjustments through tuneable Bezier curves. Get focus pulls that are butter smooth, or snap zooms that add excitement. Whatever speed and smoothness you need, Eclipse delivers.

Robotic Precision

Whether you use an industrial robot arm (Kuka, USR, etc.) or your own motion control system, The Eclipse system was built from the ground up using the same type of real-time networks that power autonomous vehicles. Focusing is precise and repeatable. Use Mimic and Maya to synchronize your lens control with your robot arm moves. Don’t use Maya? No problem, use our open API to interface to any application you have, or roll your own.

Hardware designed for Robots

The Eclipse system for Robots includes everything you need for robotic lens control: Atlas lens control motors with embedded control brains, Portal Solo USB interface for computer control, and Portal Powered Hub for reliable power to the Atlas motors whether on the robot arm, powering a turntable, or another motor-controlled accessory. All Eclipse gear is designed around cinema standards including 15mm rods and 0.8 pitch gearing, ensuring compatibility with just about every camera and lens on the planet.

Beyond Robots? Yes. You get that too

Eclipse is also a full-featured standalone FIZ system that can be used for regular production. Just add one of our wireless hand controllers and Eclipse is ready for your first AC. Works with nearly every still and cinema lens out there today.
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Atlas Motor FIZ kit for Focus, Iris and Zoom Applications


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