powerPack – Canon Cinema EOS Kit

powerPack – Canon Cinema EOS Kit


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This is a power accessory for single-point power management of your camera-top power requirements.Use specifically with ultraCage for Canon Cinema EOS.

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Power Management

The Redrock powerPack is an power accessory for single-point power management of your camera-top power requirements. The powerPack delivers power regulation, conversion, monitoring, and distribution all in a compact and flexible package.

Canon EOS C Compatibility

The powerPack Cinema EOS Kit comes with the powerPack, a p-tap to powerPack cable. Camera specific cables are available separately. Additional cables can be purchased and configured as needed for your other camera-top accessories.

The compact design is housed in a precision-machined aluminum enclosure, and conveniently attaches directly to the ultraCage Black, so it's there when you need it without getting in the way.

Three Power Outputs

Power is delivered to the powerPack from an external battery, such as an Anton Bauer or V-mount style battery brick. From there the powerPack provides three power outputs: 2x 12v regulated or unregulated, and 1x variable voltage output from 5-12v.

The variable output is typically used to power a camera, but can be used for any accessory with voltage requirements from 5-12v DC. The 12v output ports can also be used as unregulated power sources, should you require this.

Displays Battery Status

A push button next to the powerPack’s LED alternates displaying the input voltage from the connected battery, and the output voltage of the variable voltage output. This gives you easy-to-read and understand details about your power so you know when to swap batteries.

Product Information

Key Features

  • Can use any battery input source, typically a 14.4v battery brick such as anton bauer, IDX, PAG, etc. Input voltage range 12-18v
  • Delivers 3 power outputs, including 2 regulated 12v (or unregulated) and one variable voltage output (typically used to power camera)
  • Variable voltage output can be used to power camera or additional 12v accessory
  • Supports regulated or unregulated power output
  • Regulated power output ensures a constant voltage level for sensitive electronics
  • Power source voltage monitoring lets you know when your battery is close to exhausted
  • Protected variable voltage adjustment eliminates accidental changes
  • Cable options can be configured to power virtually any camera-top accessory
  • Compact design attaches directly to the ultraCage
  • Easy to read LED screen displays input voltage or variable output voltage for convenient monitoring
  • Professional push-pull style locking connectors eliminates accidental cable disconnects
  • Precision machined aluminum housing

Tech Specs

  • Accepts from 12.5VDC to 18VDC
  • 3 power output ports. 1 variable 5-12vdc. 2 regulated 12vdc or 2 unregulated
  • Weight: 3.2 oz
  • User Guide

What's Included

  • 1x powerPack
  • Mounting hardware
  • D-Tap power input cable