The lightest, most powerful
motor available

To create this next-generation lens control motor, we analyzed countless hours of real-world focus performance and listened to feedback from hundreds of remote focus customers. In addition to responsive and reliable performance, we heard smaller cameras and rigs required things to get smaller... a lot smaller.

SLS is so good you'll want to use it on every shot. Fortunately it's small and light enough to keep it on your camera full time. If you are looking for professional performance lens control for your gimbal, as an upgrade to your existing microRemote or other compatible system, or if you want the latest miniaturized technology, SLS is the motor for you.

Featherweight without Compromise

With SLS, we reduced weight everywhere we could without com- promising performance. At only 120 grams, you get incredible responsiveness with minimal added bulk. Nothing comes close to the SLS’ weight-performance ratio. SLS is exceptional for gimbals and drones, where every saved ounce translates to longer run times and less fatigue.

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Incredibly lightweight, compact

We wanted to build lens motor that nailed the performance requirements of gimbals and drones, but still strong enough to be used for everyday production.

Lightest Professional Lens Motor

The weight reduction analysis of SLS was so detailed we had to switch from ounces to grams to measure impact of additional design changes. SLS is the lightest professional lens control motor available an engineering feat in itself and without concessions on size and performance. We were even able to throw in a new lens light as an added perk.


Any Smaller and We’d have to go Quantum

To get SLS this small, we had to completely rethink motor housings. We jettisoned everything that wasn’t absolutely necessary. It’s as close-to-the-metal as you can get.

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Small size doesn’t just mean ‘tucked away’. SLS is so small you can think of it as full time extension of your camera, and keep it attached 24/7. Whatever rig or shot you are working with, SLS can be used with the relevant Redrock controller for solo operation or wireless remote control. When paired with the Redrock Rhino Mount, SLS delivers all this with no added footprint. A motor this small is also ideal for rigs where space is a premium: particularly underwater housings, drones, gimbals. It’s even a great match for ultra-compact and mirrorless cameras.

Low-Profile Rod Clamp

We redesigned the clamp with an ingenious sliding loop that still delivers maximum motor positioning.

No Bulky Cable Port

We removed the cable port and instead have the cable directly connect to the controller.


Powerful Beyond it’s Size

SLS isn’t just a small package, the completely new motor delivers a powerful performance punch. With a huge increase in torque and double the resolution, SLS is redefining expectations of what a lens motor should be.

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SLS compared to the Torque Motor

300% Greater Torque

Faster lens adjustment response and compatibility with even more lenses.

200% Increase Resolution

200% increase in resolution keeps those focus pulls even smoother.


Use SLS on a new System, or
Upgrade your Existing One

SLS is great for building a new system, or upgrading your existing one. SLS and MōVI Pro are a perfect match. They are plug-compatible and share the same ruthless attention to minimal size and weight. Use one motor for focus, or three for full FIZ control. SLS is also a great upgrade for microRemote owners who want increased performance and smaller size. Have another system? SLS is compatible with many digital lens control systems available today, and is attractively priced to make upgrading a no-brainer.

Use SLS on a new System, or Upgrade your Existing One

SLS is a valuable addition to the our family of lens control motors and controllers. We now have even more options to find the motor that fits your needs and budget.

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Torque Motor

Incredible value and great for most lenses. Designed for the microRemote basestation and other 7-pin digital controllers.


Incredible value and great for most lenses. Designed for the microRemote basestation and other 7-pin digital controllers.


The same powerful motor as SLS, delivers both controller and motor in one housing. Eliminate external brain, and daisy-chain for fast and easy focus/iris/zoom control.


SLS – Lens Motor for MoVI Pro


microRemote Wireless Kit w/SLS


microRemote Handheld Kit w/SLS


SLS – Lens Motor for microRemote – TradeUP


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