Creative Focus Control, Easier

Creative focus control is one of the most important storytelling tools. The microRemote has the simplicity and assistance enthusiasts want, and the power and precision professionals require. It is easy to use and setup, can be controlled as a solo operator and has features like Artistry to make your results more professional. When you operate alone, the microRemote fingerwheel gives you focus control at your fingertip. It can be mounted to any handgrip or gimbal, and gives you power-assisted precise focusing.

High Resolution

microRemote is a high resolution and reliable system, delivering spot-on repeatable witness marks, and a silky smooth professional feel.

Perfect for gimbals / drones

Ultra-light and incredibly small, it fits comfortably on gimbals including DJI Ronin-M, Ronin, Freefly MoVI M5/10/15, and virtually any other gimbal available today.

Flexible Control

Use the handheld unit when there is a dedicated focus puller. The Fingerwheel controller is ideal for single operator focus control.


Intelligently smooths out focus pulls. Use as much or as little as you need: dial it up for silky smooth, professional pulls. Turn it off for a more raw feel.

Priced to Own

microRemote has proven itself on sets of all sizes around the world and delivers performance once only attainable with rental equipment. OWN yours today.

Free Firmware Updates

It’s like getting a new state-of-the-art remote every time you update. Now on our fourth major firmware release, 4.0 gives you new levels of power and convenience.

microRemote Handheld Controller


microTape Sonar Rangefinder


Torque Motor 3-Pack for MoVI Pro FIZ Lens Control


Scout HX


microRemote Carrying Case


Universal Fingerwheel Controller


microRemote Fingerwheel Controller


Torque Lens Control Motor for MoVI Pro


Torque Motor


microRemote Handheld Bundle


microRemote Wireless Kit w/SLS


microRemote Handheld Kit


microRemote Handheld Kit w/SLS


microRemote Wireless Kit


microRemote Tandem Deluxe Bundle

Original price was: $3,340.00.Current price is: $2,840.00.

microRemote Wireless Bundle


powerDock – microRemote


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