microRemote Tandem Deluxe Bundle

microRemote Tandem Deluxe Bundle

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SKU: 8-114-0014

Save $500 and get everything you need to master creative focus control in one complete kit!

The Wireless Follow Focus for All of Us

Add creative focus control to your toolbox and nail critical focus with the microRemote Tandem Deluxe Bundle. The award-winning microRemote gives you the ability and confidence to shoot lenses wide open and use selective focus to enhance production value.

Powerful motors snap to focus, while still being quiet and smooth enough to use anywhere. The microRemote Tandem Deluxe Bundle is ready to deliver great results whether you are an assistant cameraman pulling wireless follow focus from a monitor across the set, or a solo gimbal operator using the fingerwheel on your rig. If you need a professional wireless follow focus system that can be used alone or with a crew, the Tandem Deluxe Bundle is right for you.

Two controllers to master focus on your own or with an assistant

This bundle comes with both of our popular controllers: the wireless hand unit is for dedicated focus pulling with a range of up to 1 mile line of sight. The fingerwheel is perfect when you are shooting alone and want focus control at your fingertips; great for handheld, shouldermount, and jib/crane shots. Change between remote or operator with a flick of a switch, you never have to disconnect anything. Redrock is the only bundle that gives you both.

Includes all the features professionals rely on

The system maps all lenses to its full 270 degrees of rotation, including still photo lenses. You can change the lens direction, and use the unit left- or right-handed. Camera run/stop allows you to remotely start and stop your camera.

The smooth weighted focus wheel has an exceptional feel and offers adjustable focus mark and hard stops. The microRemote Basestation has both automatic and manual lens calibration so any type of lens can be used. The unique Artistry feature adds smoothing and ramping to give focus pulls a more professional feel; dial in as much or as little as you want.

Works with your camera and lenses

Unlike other solutions, the microRemote works with virtually every camera and lens. It's small and light enough to work on any rig including the popular DJI Ronin and Freefly MoVI gimbals. The handy remote camera start/stop cable (optional) triggers camera record for popular camera models including Sony, Canon, Red, Arri, and many others with industry-standard LANC. the microRemote will match the power you have available: Any p-tap battery, Freefly MoVI lipo, DJI Ronin, and is the only remote focus system that can use Canon compatible LP-E6 DSLR batteries.

Get More with Tons of Included Accessories

The new bundle brings together all the most popular accessories at a great bundle price. Included are the new Air Lens Gears ( 66% lighter and 200% smaller), and flexCables to keep your rig light and your movements smooth. Extra marking disks, illuminating flares for nighttime shooting, and a hard carrying case round out the kit.

Key Features

  • Precise, reliable focus control
  • Up to 1 mile range (line of sight)
  • Includes two controllers: wireless hand unit and operator fingerwheel
  • Universal - Works with virtually all cameras, lenses, rigs, and gimbals
  • Automatic and manual lens calibration
  • All lenses map to an expansive 270 degrees of rotation
  • Left- or right-handed operation
  • Reverse direction
  • Save lens calibration between battery changes
  • Powerful Redrock Torque motor works with both cinema and still lenses
  • Hand unit includes adjustable focus indicator and hard stops
  • Remote camera record start/stop (with optional cable)
  • Fingerwheel for motor-assisted operator control
  • Lanyard for easy holding
  • Field-proven with thousands of successful productions

Tech Specs

  • Hand unit can be tethered for heavy interference or regulatory environments
  • Customer-updateable firmware
  • All-digital system
  • 2.4ghz radio with selectable channels

What's Included

  • 1 microRemote handheld wireless controller
  • 1 microRemote fingerwheel controller
  • 1 Redrock Torque motor
  • 1 microRemote basestation
  • 3x Air Lens Gears - Universal lens fit
  • 1 microRemote Wireless flexCable Pack
  • 2x 3d illuminating marking disks
  • 5x marking disk flares
  • 1 Hard case with fitted foam