microTape Sonar Rangefinder

microTape Sonar Rangefinder


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microTape real-time range finder is a professional-level accessory to aid in accurately judging focusing distance.

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Sonar Rangefinder for Filmmakers

The microTape employs powerful but harmless sonar that displays distances up to 21' feet, and delivers this information in real-time via its large format display.It can be used safely on any type of subject, including people, animals, objects, furniture, etc. An integrated laser pointer is available at the touch of a button to accurately aim the microTape as well (a word of caution: this a laser, so you'll want to take precautions not to shine it anywhere near eyes).

Key Features

  • The microTape display is configurable: distance can be configured to show imperial (inches/feet) or metric.
    Complement to microRemote System. The microTape distance is shown alongside the current focus of the microRemote, and is relative to lens depth of field. A simple "match up the points" ensures accurate focusing with no guesswork
  • WARNING: Caution should always be used with the integrated laser pointer. A laser can potentially blind or disable people and should never be shined into or near eyes

Tech Specs

  • Range: approximately 21'
  • Display: double-sided extra bright blue LED numeric readout
  • Display units: user selectable Feet/inches, inches, centimeters (user selectable)
  • Mounting: 1/4" 20 female tap on bottom of microTape
  • Range offset for use off-camera: Yes, user definable
  • Standalone operation: yes
  • Power: powered from microRemote basestation or via optional cables when used standalone
  • Weight: 12 oz/ 366 g
  • Dimensions: 20.5 cm in length, 57mm tube diameter
  • Power input: 9-18v
  • Sonar Diagram

What's Included

  • 1x microTape Sonar Range Finder
  • Power cable not included see recommended accessories

How often does the microTape rangefinder update the distance?

The microTape updates and displays the distance in real-time.

How accurate is the microTape distance measurement?

It depends on distance to subject, but generally displayed distance is accurate to within 1 inch.

How precise is the sonar beam? For example, can I use it to determine the distance of someone's nose and then their ear?

The microTape can assist with accurate subject range, but it is best used on substantive subjects: how far is this person, how far is that car, etc. It is not good for determining extremely small differences (sub-inch) or parts of the same subject.

How is it powered?

It can be powered standalone via optional cables for 9v battery, D-tap battery and AC power. When connected to the microRemote basestation, it draws power from the basestation directly.

Can I use it standalone, or does it require the microRemote?

The microTape can be used standalone and with the microRemote.

How long does the battery last?

Battery life depends on the specific battery used, but generally the microTape draws very little power. A single 9v battery will power the microTape for well over 24 hours.

Can I change the display units? What are the display options?

Yes, there are options for displaying units in feet/inches, inches, and centimeters. You can cycle through these display options using the control panel on the back.

Can I move the display off the microTape?

No. The numeric readouts are fixed to the microTape itself.

Can I use it with other wireless focus systems?

Yes, the microTape can be used as a distance reference with other products.

How wide is the microTape’s beam?

Like other rangefinders, the microTape’s sonar is more like a cone than a thin beam. To familiarize yourself with the sonar, we recommend you experiment seeing the edge of the sonar cone by waving your hand slowly across the front of the microTape and repeating this at various distances.

What is the range of the microTape?

Maximum distance is approximately 21 feet/ 7 meters. Minimum distance is approximately 6 inches.

How does it attach to the camera?

The microTape has a 1/4” 20 female thread on the bottom (a very standard size), and can be attached in a variety of ways, such as a microArm, a microMount, or any other support piece that has a male 1/4” thread.

Will it work with my camera?

Yes, the microTape works alongside any digital or film camera.

How does it work?

The microTape uses sonar technology to bounce a signal off the subject and read the returning ‘echo’ to determine the distance. It is not affected by available light or radio interference.

How can I set it up off the camera and have it still be accurate?

The microTape has a built-in capability so you can program the offset from the camera to maintain display of accurate distances wherever you mount the microTape.

How can I tell what it's pointed at?

The microTape has a built-in laser pointer you can turn on/off. This laser pointer will tell you exactly where the microTape is pointed. The laser is low powered, but still powerful enough to cause damage to eyes if pointed directly into them. Please take appropriate caution when using the laser pointer.