Scout HX

Scout HX


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ultraCage Scout HX Hybrid Rig/Cage for Mirrorless and DSLR cameras including Sony A7S, Panasonic GH4, Canon and Nikon

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First of its Kind

The Scout is first of its kind ultra-portable camera multi-tool. It’s a universal cage and rig in one featuring a built-in microRemote Fingerwheel System that’s wireless-ready. The Scout has a rail system when you need it, or remove rails for a super low profile setup. Load-and-go, run-and-gun, point-and-shoot right out of the box. ultraCage Scout is the ultimate self-contained rig for handheld mirrorless camera and DSLR video.

The Scout HX Rig

The Scout HX is a fully loaded deluxe rig that includes a precision-machined cage, microRemote electronics, integrated fingerwheel, and built-in battery power. If you want the full Scout experience and don’t already own a Redrock microRemote, this is the bundle for you.

The Ultimate Handheld Rig for IBIS Cameras

With newer generation mirrorless cameras that feature multi-axis stabilization such as the Sony A7SII, the camera handles stabilization (no need for a gimbal or other support) and Scout fills in the rest. The added opposite-side handgrip gives you the perfect camera balance for handholding shots, and the integrated fingerwheel electronically drives smooth focus without your hand ever leaving the grip. The combination delivers on the promise of cinema-style handheld footage without bulky gear.

Key Features

  • Protect your camera with the precision-machined aluminum cage
  • Enjoy exceptional stability and torque resistance
  • Easy balancing with built-in multi-axis balance adjustments
  • Wireless-ready - enables second person to pull focus remotely (just add the wireless handheld remote, sold separately)
  • Create cinema-style 15mm rail-based rigs with the optional rail mount block
  • Add a standard microRemote finger wheel
  • You can still use the onboard motor with a standard Redrock fingerwheel for cinema-style rigs like shouldermount or jib/crane
  • Switch quickly to your gimbal – the Scout dovetail is compatible with DJI Ronin-M™ gimbal, just slide it in and you’re ready to go
  • Unique Expanded and Compact modes for better handheld and cine-style rigs
  • Keep it simple with integrated battery for powering the microRemote using Canon LP-E6 and compatible batteries
  • Accessorize your rig with 2 included cold shoe mounts

Tech Specs

  • Wireless ready. Includes 2.4 GHz Radio for use with microRemote
  • Powered from LP-E6 Battery
  • Camera Height: 91mm to 125mm
  • User Guide

What's Included

  • 1x Scout ultraCage
  • 1x microRemote Torque Motor
  • 1x Torque Motor flexCable
  • 1x 4” Rhino Mount
  • 1x Scout dovetail compatible with DJI Ronin-M™
  • Integrated microRemote basestation (in base of Scout rig), wireless ready
  • Integrated fingerwheel controller in handgrip
  • Integrated cold shoe mounts for accessory mounting (one adjustable, one fixed)
  • Adjustable top arm (for cameras ranging from 91mm to 125mm tall)
  • Ready for optional bottom rail clamp (sold separately)
  • External fingerwheel port (for using external Fingerwheel Controller such as shouldermount rigs)
  • Scout HX and HS use LPE-6 and compatible batteries (Battery and charger not included)
    Total Weight: 2.5 lbs

What is the Scout hybrid rig/cage?

At the heart of the ultraCage Scout is a professional, precision-machined cage that protects your camera and enables accessory mounting and build-out of rigs. Three axis adjustments means the Scout fits virtually all mirrorless and DSLR-style cameras, including popular bodies such as the Sony A7S /II, Panasonic GH4, Canon 5D MKIII, Nikon D810, and many other similarly sized cameras. In addition, the Scout is a complete handheld rig that features an integrated focus system for power-assisted operator focus control (fingerwheel) or add the optional wireless handheld controller when you need someone else to take focus control. The unique dual mode system gives you the best of handheld rigs and a cage for using on gimbals or building cine-style rigs.

What is the difference between the Scout HS, and Scout HX?

Click here to find out which Scout belongs in your hands. Which Scout is Right for You? Scout is available in two models, depending on your needs and budget: Scout HS is a great addition for existing microRemote owners who want the Scout’s built-in fingerwheel and on-board power. The included Y cable means the Scout powers your existing microRemote right from the cage. Scout HX is the most popular bundle that is full-featured and includes both the cage, integrated remote system, and battery power.

Will the Scout work with my camera?

If your camera is a mirrorless, DSLR, or micro four-thirds camera, chances are yes. The scout is also compatible with other special purpose cinema cameras such as Blackmagic Pocket Camera. The Scout has multiple adjustments for fitting most mirrorless and DSLR cameras. The Scout does not fit taller professional DSLRs such as the Canon 1D X and Nikon D4/S, and does not video camcorder style cameras. Cameras that have been verified to work include Canon standard sized DSLRs (5D series, 7D series, 6D, Rebel, etc.), Canon mirrorless, Nikon standard size DSLRs (D800 series, D700 series, D600 series, D7000 series, etc.), Sony Alpha (A7II and A7 series, A6000 series, etc.)

How is the Scout a better solution than just a cage?

The Scout simply gives you more:

  • Professional precision-machined cage for protection and accessory mounting Integrated focus unit for creative focus control, either by operator or wireless-ready for remote control.
  • Integrated battery delivers power to the remote, keeping the rig light and compact
  • Optimized for gimbals: very low center of gravity and DJI Ronin-M compatible plate Quick-change system for moving between rig setups including gimbals.

A similarly configured alternative would be larger, bulkier, and cost 2-3x more than the Scout. The Scout is ideal for anyone looking for a great universal cage that can be used as a handheld rig or a compact gimbal-ready cage, and wants maximum creative control over focusing, whether alone or with an assistant camera operator.

How can I use the built-in remote in a wireless setting?

The Scout-HX is already wireless ready and will immediately work with the hand unit with a range of up to 1 mile line of sight. Add the microRemote handheld controller and turn it on (sold separately). The Scout-HS uses your microRemote’s existing wireless capabilities. Dual modes is a unique feature of the ultraCage Scout. The expanded mode is for handheld use, where the handgrip is moved out so the camera can be held comfortably. The integrated fingerwheel can be used for power-assisted focus, delivering smooth focusing results without your hands leaving the grips. In the compact mode, the camera slides closer to the grip (or can be flipped 180 degrees for minimum size) for use with gimbals and other cine-style rigs.

How is the Scout powered?

The Scout is powered by a standard Canon LPE-6 or compatible battery (Battery and charger not included)How long do the batteries last?

With normal shoot/wait/shoot use, batteries can last all day. With continuous use battery life is approximately 4-6 hours. It’s always a good idea to have fully charged spare batteries ready to go.