powerDock – microRemote

powerDock – microRemote


SKU: 2-178-0001

The powerDock enables you to use standard Canon DSLR batteries to power your microRemote system.

Power microRemote with LP-E6 Style Batteries

The powerDock enables you to use standard Canon DSLR batteries to power your microRemote system. If you are looking for a small, lightweight way to power your microRemote using batteries you probably already own, this accessory is for you.

Key Features

  • Power your remote from standard DSLR batteries - lightweight, easy to use, and inexpensive
  • Perfect for gimbals and drones - compact and lightweight is easier to balance and faster to setup, and can be mounted directly to camera to eliminate cable tangling or pulls
  • Built to last - locking lemo connector, machined aluminum and 1/4" mounting points for a lifetime of performance

Tech Specs

  • Battery connector for Canon style LP-E6 Battery
  • 2 pin connector for microRemote power: Regulated 12V 2.5A
  • 1 USB connector: Regulated 5V .5A
  • User Guide

What's Included

  • 1x powerDock for microRemote

What does the powerDock for microRemote do?

The powerDock enables you to power the Redrock microRemote from standard Canon LP-E6 DSLR camera batteries. The result is a compact, lightweight, and inexpensive solution for powering your remote, and can be easily attached to smaller or weight-limited rigs such as gimbals and drones.

How can I mount this to my rig?

The powerDock includes a 1/4"-20 tap for attaching to any standard 1/4" screw. In addition the wide backplate is a great way to use velcro for securing it to you rig.

Is there any special type of battery?

The powerDock works with any Canon compatible LP-E6 battery. Some third party LP-E6 compatible batteries offer shorter battery life, so we recommend using Canon-brand LP-E6 to maximize your power-on time.

What is the run time for the microRemote when powered with the LP-E6 Battery Adapter?

This varies greatly by battery type, usage, stiffness of lens, etc. but generally speaking you can expect 1-3 hours or more runtime.

Can I power other accessories with this plate?

The powerDock has a standard USB connector for additional power to low power accessories. See tech specs for more info.