DigiBoom Jib Adapter

DigiBoom Jib Adapter


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Turn your DigiBoom into a Full-Featured Jib

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Turn your DigiBoom into a Full-Featured Jib

Use the DigiBoom Jib Adapter and a fluid head tripod you already own, you can convert the DigiBoom from handheld to a full featured stationary jib. The DigiBoom attaches to the jib adapter in literally seconds for those great sweeping traditional jib-style shots. You still get advanced features such as motorized pan/tilt and gimbal stabilization. When you're ready to go mobile just unclip the DigiBoom and in seconds you're off.

A Better Jib

With DigiBoom and the Jib Adapter, you get advanced jib features including electronic pan/tilt, and DigiBoom's full time electronic 3-axis gimbal head keeps your movements smooth and rock-steady. When using DigiBoom with the Jib Adapter, The jib setup is lightweight, has a very small footprint, doesn't require heavy counterweights, and there's virtually no set up/tear down time.

Reach Even Higher

Fully extended the digiboom can give you up to 10 foot* (3m) reach for sweeping moves and elevated camera angles. Add the 3' extension arm for even higher and more dramatic camera moves. (10* feet including tripod height)

Jib or Mobile? It's Both: Two Rigs in One

The DigiBoom Jib adapter has advantages over traditional jib because it sets up in seconds, does not use counterweights, and can be moved at a moment's notice. When you're ready to go back to handheld DigiBoom, unclip it and you're off and running.

Key Features

  • Converts DigiBoom from handheld to a full featured stationary jib

Tech Specs

  • Machined aluminum
  • 1/4-20 mounting taps

What's Included

  • 1x DigiBoom Jib Adapter with attachment screws
  • (Jib Adapter attaches to a standard fluid head tripod: tripod not included)