DigiBoom Pole Extension 3 ft

DigiBoom Pole Extension 3 ft


SKU: 2-300-0020

Increases the overall length of the DigiBoom by 3 feet (1m) for extended reach

Extends the Digiboom's length by 3 feet for even greater reach and spectacular angles.

The Pole Extension is primarily designed for pole-style camera applications, where the Digiboom is placed perpendicular to the ground and extended upwards. Digiboom's internal wiring is maintained inside the pole extension, so power, control, and audio bus all still work when using DigiBoom with the extension. It's easy to attach/detach, and the DigiBoom case already has space for the extension pole. Get more from your DigiBoom with the 3' Pole Extension.

Key Features

  • Get 3' more reach with DigiBoom for ultra high shot
  • Perfect for pole-style camera shots, while maintaining gimbal stability and pan/til
  • Retains internal DigiBoom wiring for camera power, control, and audio

Tech Specs

  • Easily attaches and detaches for fast
  • DigiBoom case includes slot for pole extension

What's Included

  • 1x DigiBoom Pole Extension, 3