DigiBoom Audio Expansion Pack

DigiBoom Audio Expansion Pack


SKU: 42-300-0011

DigiBoom Audio Expansion Pack accessory bundle

Expand Digiboom's audio options

With the Audio Expansion pack, you can attach a compatible field mixer to the
DigiBoom pole to pre-mix any combination of on-camera mic, stick mic (such as a reporter's
microphone), lav, or other sources. The resulting audio mix is then redirected back to the camera
so audio and video travel together, eliminating any possibility of sync issues.
The micro shock mount is perfect for adding a higher-quality on-camera mic, placed on the
gimbal without impacting the stability performance.

When using a wireless mic or lav, the mounting rails provide easy and secure attachment of the wireless receivers on DigiBoom's battery compartment. From there you can easily direct the audio output to an onboard mixer, or directly to the DigiBoom's audio input jack.
The included patch cables are nicely designed to fit right in to DigiBoom's ultramobile footprint,
keeping things tight and organized.
For anyone using DigiBoom for field reporting, interviews, or other live events where audio is an
critical component, the Audio Expansion Pack is the ideal accessory.

Key Features

  • Expand audio options for in-camera, on-camera, stick mic, and wireless lav
  • Works with wired or wireless audio source

Tech Specs

  • micro Shock Mount for adding near-camera mic without impacting stability performance
  • Mixer mounts to boom to improve mobility and balance
  • audio returned to camera eliminates possibility of audio/video sync issues

What's Included

  • 2x DigiBoom pole-mount clamps for attaching compatible external mixer (Sound Devices
    MixPre 2 or compatible mounting hole configuration)
  • 4x custom flexCable XLR patch cables
  • 1x micro shock mount for gimbal-mounted microphone
  • Mounting rails for wireless receiver