Command Module

Full Rig Control

The Navigator 7-in-1 Command Module is the ultimate camera and lens controller, bringing command of every aspect of your rig right to your fingertips. Featuring the world’s first mini FIZ (focus, iris and zoom), Navigator also delivers full gimbal control, camera control, and control of other Eclipse products. Navigator works in both solo operator mode and as a wireless remote control, including native support for Freefly MoVI Pro. And as part of the Eclipse System, Navigator delivers next-level features including MissionControl™ real-time monitor overlay and MetaTouch™ lens discovery and automatic configuration.

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What is Navigator?

The Navigator concept is to bring control of as much of your rig as possible to your fingertips. This is valuable whether you are a solo operator, or you need to access these functions via remote wireless. Navigator delivers both options.

Beyond Lens Control

In addition to lens focus, iris and zoom control, Navigator also gives you control of your gimbal (pan, tilt, roll, etc.), camera record run/stop, Hālo Solo automated focus tracking, Orbit monitor positioning, and advanced camera control.


World’s First Mini FIZ Controller

Control focus, iris and zoom from one central location. Dedicated finger controls for each lens ring deliver real-time performance. The ‘mini’ approach to ergonomics makes it smaller and lighter and much easier to use when working with mobile rigs such as gimbals or drones.

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Wired or Wireless

If you just need lens control, Navigator functions equally as a wired or wireless remote. Powered by a single LP-E6 battery, Navigator is light and portable.

The True FIZ

Navigator is a fully functional FIZ unit, not a single channel unit that switches between lens motors. When combined with Atlas smart motors, Navigator delivers professional performance that is powerful, accurate and repeatable.

Solo Operator, Wireless Remote, or Anything Between

Navigator is a grip accessory instead of a grip replacement, so it doesn’t limit you to one style of rig. Navigator attaches to your favorite handgrips for shouldermount or handheld style. It can just as easily attach to your gimbal frame or handles for ultimate solo operator control. And it’s flexible enough to attach to your jib/crane arm.


Special for MoVI Pro

Owners and operators of the Freefly MoVI Pro can get even more from Navigator’s built-in MoVI Pro Mode. This mode unlocks the power and features of Navigator with native support for the MoVI Pro API. Use it as a Solo Op fingerwheel (when plugged direct in to the MoVI Pro) or as a sophisticated wireless remote controller when connected to the Freefly Mimic for wireless access.

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Long Distance

Navigator is not limited to Atlas smart motors, and can be used with any lens motor attached to MoVI Pro’s built-in controller. Navigator also delivers way more than just lens control. The joystick offers complete gimbal control and even includes built-in camera run/stop.

MoVI Pro Mode

In MoVI Pro mode, Navigator uses all your gimbal settings to fine tune its own performance and responsiveness.



Navigator uses WiFi, RF and direct connect communication methods to control Atlas, Explorer, Orbit and more.

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Navigator Run/Stop Compatibility

Navigator can control cameras that support LANC using a 2.5mm connector. Navigator currently supports Run/Stop as well as camera control for Canon EOS-C Cameras.
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With add-on cable(s) Navigator can activate Run/Stop on most Arri camera packages.
12" cable
50" cable

Adding our Sony Mult-port control cable to Navigator will add Run/Stop capibility to any Sony camera that supports the Multi-Port protocol including A7S and the FS series of cameras.
12" Cable
50" Cable

With add-on cable(s) Navigator can activate Run/Stop on most Canon Cameras.
2.5mm (LANC) Cable
12" DSLR Cable
50" DSLR Cable

Navigator can control cameras that support LANC using a 2.5mm connector. Currently only run/stop is supported but other LANC features will be added soon.
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EclipseNet - The Future

As a member of our Eclipse line of products, Navigator includes future-ready firmware. All of our Eclipse products connect to each other and speak the same protocol, so as we release new Eclipse gear, Navigator will be ready to connect and communicate.

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