Navigator for Gimbals

Navigator for Gimbals


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Navigator 7-in-1 Command Module Bundle for Gimbals

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The Navigator 7-in-1 Command Module

The Redrock Navigator 7-in-1 Command Module is the ultimate fingerstyle controller, bringing control of every part of your rig right to your fingertips. Featuring the world's first mini FIZ (focus, iris and zoom), Navigator also delivers full gimbal control, camera control, and control of other Eclipse products. Navigator works in both solo operator mode and as a wireless remote control, including native support for Freefly MoVI Pro API. And as part of the Eclipse system Navigator has access to next-level features including Mission Control real-time monitor data and MetaTouch lens discovery and configuration. If you want the ultimate controller that gives you ultimate flexibility right at your fingertips, Navigator Command Module is right for you.

Control Everything at your Fingertips

Lens control starts with two integrated fingerwheels for focus and iris and a joystick for zoom. Master your other camera-top tools right from your fingertips, including camera run/stop (with camera-specific add-on cable), gimbal thumb controller (Freefly MoVI and DJI Ronin compatible), and also control other Eclipse accessories. Now Navigator has built-in OLED screen, haptic (vibrating) feedback, and built-in wireless for remote control up to 1600m range.
Whether you operate solo or in a full crew, achieve more innovative shots than ever before with the Navigator 7-in-1 Command Module.

The World's First Mini FIZ

Navigator starts with the first mini FIZ for real-time control of focus, iris and zoom. Dedicated finger controls for each channel deliver real-time performance. The new approach to ergonomics make it smaller and lighter and much easier to use when working with ultra mobile rigs such as gimbal or drone. If you just need focus control, Navigator is equally at home as a single-function controller with plenty of room to grow.

Next Level features that will blow your mind

Navigator packs a huge number of features, many never before seen in a controller and yet are instantly indispensable. Features such as Mission Control real-time focus data on smallHD monitors, metaTouch lens discovery and configuration just by touching the lens, Navigator speaks multiple languages including RF, WiFi, s.bus and NFC.

MoVI Pro API - first mini FIZ to support Freefly's new connectivity

Owners and operators of the Freefly MoVI Pro can get even more from Navigator in MoVI Pro API mode to unlock the power and features of Navigator with direct connection to the MoVI Pro. You can use it as a Solo Op (when plugged direct in to the MoVI Pro) or as a sophisticated remote controller when connected to the Freefly Mimic for wireless access.

Product Features

This Kit's Features Include:
  • Full gimbal control
  • Future expansion ability to fully contol all Eclipse Products
  • API connectivity for MoVI Pro Users
  • Built-in DSLR battery plate (canon LP-E6 or compatible)
  • Camera Run/Stop Ready (see compatibility chart in Tech Specs section)
  • Hi-res OLED graphic display
  • LED and display for visual confirmation of status, configuration, camera record tally light

Power Material Dimensions Weight
7.4 VDC - 18VDC Aircraft Grade Aluminum L: 72mm W: 95mm D: 79mm 199 grams
Connector 1 Eclipse Net Power and Communications
Connector 2 Mini Control Port 4 PIN JST GH
Connector 3 2.5mm (LANC)
Clamp Optional Power Optional Power Optional Power
Min OD: 19mm Max OD: 31mm Max: LP-E6 S.Bus Eclipse Net
EclipseNet WiFi RF S.Bus MovI Pro API Bluetooth
Yes 802.11n 2.4Ghz Yes Yes No
User Guide Firmware Upates Warranty
Navigator Support Page Click Here to Check 1 Year

What's Included with this Kit:
Qty Product Description SKU:
1 Navigator Control Module 62-162-0001
1 Micro Control Cable S.Bus 2-100-4103
1 MoVI Pro Cable 2-100-4102