Halo Solo Complete

Halo Solo Complete

SKU: 62-163-0001

The Halo Solo Complete Bundle is a full-featured bundle including everything you need to get running with Halo focus tracking, and also have a solid foundation for remote focus control.

Solve the challenge of mastering focus with the Halo Solo Bundle

Especially designed for solo operators, Halo Solo Bundle delivers an affordable and accurate system that automatically tracks your subject and keeps them in focus so you don't have to. Halo Explorer gives you more tools with hybrid focus and focus acquisition, while still giving you complete manual control over your focus. When you want manual focus control, it's a fingertip away with the Navigator command module.

The Navigator 7-in-1 Command Module

The Redrock Navigator 7-in-1 Command Module is the ultimate fingerstyle controller, bringing control of every part of your rig right to your fingertips. Featuring the world’s first mini FIZ (focus, iris and zoom), Navigator also delivers full gimbal control, camera control, and control of other Eclipse products. Navigator works in both solo operator mode and wirelessly as a remote control, including native support for Freefly MoVI Pro API. If you want the ultimate controller that gives you ultimate flexibility right at your fingertips, Navigator Command Module is the solution.

Atlas Smart Motors: World's first Smart Motors for focus and lens control

Atlas Smart Motors don’t just set the bar higher, they create an entirely new category of lens control. Designed by Redrock in the USA from the ground up, Atlas delivers professional performance, precision, and reliability packed into a single housing, and packs next-level features you won’t find anywhere else. Advancing production one leap at a time.

Halo Explorer - Automated focus tracking and real-time rangefinder

Halo Explorer transforms into a powerful focus tracking system that keeps your subject locked in focus at all times. As the subject moves, Halo measures the distance in sub-inch accuracy and moves the lens motor to keep your subject focused, updating continuously. Great for tricky shots that combine camera movement (like dollying) with subject movement. Halo can identify and track subjects up to a distance of 100'.

Product Information

Key Features

  • Great option for solo op handheld or gimbal, or remote AC
  • Built-in DSLR battery plate (canon LP-E6 or compatible)
  • Camera run/stop (with appropriate cable)
  • Hi-res OLED graphic display
  • Onboard LED for visual confirmation of status, configuration, camera record tally light
  • Works with virtually any camera and lens (cinema and appropriately geared still photo lenses)
  • built-in wireless (WiFi, RF radio, NFC)
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Tech Specs

  • 2x fingerwheel ring-style controllers
  • 1x joystick with multi-function center control
  • 2.4GHZ radio, WiFi, s.bus, CAN communications
  • adjustable 15mm/19mm rail clamp
  • integrated lens light for viewing lens markings in dim lighting
  • mobile app for viewing and setting configuration options
  • field firmware updateable, add future features
  • pass-through for camera control including record run/stop (w/ appropriate cable)
  • Rangefinder technology - infrared laser (safe for eyes)
  • effective range - 100ft (approx 30m)
  • beam angle: point laser approx 3 degrees
  • *lenses must support repeatable accurate calibration. Cine lenses and still lenses with hard stops are required.

What's Included

  • 1x Halo Explorer Unit
  • 1x Atlas Smart Motor
  • 1x Navigator 7-in-1 Command Module
  • 1x P-tap Eclipse Power flexCable
  • 2x Eclipse-Eclipse flexCable