Everything You Need

We looked at all the products we needed when rigging up our mirrorless camera for production, and asked ourselves how can we build something better that combines all these pieces, but in a simple compact all-in-one? The answer is Scout, the only multi-tool that gives professional shooters everything they need for camera support, quick change rigs, and ultimate focus control, all in a simple compact package. Just slide in your Sony A7 or similar camera, and you’re ready to go.

Awesome Focus Control

Responsive and reliable focus control with Scout’s built-in fingerwheel. Flip the switch and your AC is pulling remote focus via the wireless connection* up to 1 mile away.


Comfortable and balanced handheld support system, a complete focus system (including remote focus) and all the power needed to make it work, and put it into one simple package.

Any Rig You Need

Move from handheld to any cinema-style shouldermoount or studio system (with the optional rail clamp), pop in and out of your gimbal. Everything goes with the camera, ready to shoot when you are.

Scout HX vs. Scout HS

Scout HX is a complete system with integrated remote focus. Scout HS does NOT include basestation or motor, and works with the microRemote system you already have.

Onboard Power

Scout keeps it tight and powered with the integrated battery inside the hand grip. The lightweight LP-E6 battery (not included) keeps things running without extra cables or external batteries.

Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras

The Scout is highly configurable to fit cameras ranging from smaller mirrorless to larger DSLRs. All camera functions fully accessible while inside the Scout.

Commander for MoVI Pro/XL


Commander powerDock USBC


Commander + 3 SLS motor bundle for MoVI Pro/XL


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