Satellite – Gimbal Control

Satellite – Gimbal Control


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Satellite Universal Gimbal Thumb Controller with Camera Run/Stop

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Get More from Your Gimbal

Take control of your gimbal rig with the Satellite Thumb Controller. With more features, more flexibility, and more compatibility than anything available, you’ll enjoy greater gimbal control to nail your shots and master your rig.

Simply the Best Thumb Controller Available

The Satellite Thumb Controller gives you unprecedented control over your Freefly MoVI, MoVI Pro or DJI Ronin gimbals. As a solo operator, all the controls you want are right at your fingertip to master your gimbal’s movements. , tune your settings, and even start and stop your camera’s record function. Nowhere will you find a more complete feature set than the Satellite.

Camera run/stop? Yeah we got that.

Satellite is the only gimbal joystick controller with built-in support for camera record start and stop. The built-in tally light gives you visual confirmation for confidence knowing when the camera is rolling. Check out the available cables for your camera, with more being added.

Flexibility to Mount Anywhere

The Satellite’s compact size, universal mount, and setup controls let you mount the Satellite wherever you want. You can mount it on your left or right handgrip (rear facing for thumb control, but also front facing for finger control), on the crossbar, inverted, or even as a remote pan/tilt control when mounting your gimbal to a jib arm or crane. The configuration options allow you to instantly reconfigure up-down-left-right to keep intuitive operation.

Freefly MovI or Dji Ronin? How About Both

The Satellite is only thumb controller designed to work with both Freefly MoVI and DJI Ronin gimbals in one unit. Simply plug in your gimbal via the appropriate control port, and you are good to go. Satellite has you covered if you switch gimbals too.

Product Features

Key Product Features Include:
  • Pan control
  • Tilt control
  • Roll control (including instant access)
  • Diagonal moves (simultaneous pan/tilt)
  • Proportional movement
  • LED lights confirm modes and function changes
  • Camera record start/stop with tally light
  • 4 speed levels
  • Mode change
  • Kill switch
  • Invert axis
  • Simplified UI (all features available in 2 clicks or less)
  • Recognizes gimbal settings for fine tuning controls
  • Universal mount (left or right handgrip, crossbar, inverted, front- or rear-facing)
  • Incredibly compact, lightweight
  • Freefly MoVI and DJI Ronin support
  • Controller extension when used with Redrock Navigator
  • No battery required

Power Material Dimensions Weight
3.3VDC S.Bus Aircraft Grade Aluminum L: 43mm x W: 32mm x D: 25mm 32 Grams
Connector 1 4 Pin microControl Port EclipseNet Power and Communications
Connector 2 3 pin microControl Port Gimbal Control
Connector 3 microControl Port LANC - Run/Stop
Rod Clamp
Velcro Strap
User Guide Firmware Upates Warranty
Satellite Product Support Click Here to Check 1 Year

What's Included with this Kit:
Qty Product Description SKU:
1 Satellite Controller 62-181-0001
1 S.Bus Gimbal Cable 2-100-4100
1 MoVI Pro Cable 2-100-4101

1. What is the Satellite Universal Gimbal Thumb Controller?

My gimbal already has "Majestic Mode", why would I want a gimbal thumb controller? Majestic Mode is great for many shots, but Satellite gives you way more flexibility and control for shots where Majestic Mode is not useful. For example, static shots (such as car scenes, helicopter, or any static shot) you just want the gimbal to be static and not move. YOu may also want more creative framing. this is possible with "Majestic+Tilt Control" where you can still rely on the pan control of Majestic Mode but control the tilt.

2. Why is the Satellite called "Universal"?

Unlike other gimbal thumb controllers that are limited to one type of gimbal, Satellite is compatible with Freefly MoVI, MoVI Pro, Ronin, and other sbus-compatible gimbals. One Satellite is universally usable across all these gimbals.

3. Is Satellite compatible with Ronin-2?

Not yet. The Ronin-2 has a completely different cable design from Ronin gimbals. When the Ronin-2 is released, we anticipate the Satellite will be compatible once we create the Ronin-2 cable.

5. Can I use it with a Freefly MoVI gimbal (non-MoVI Pro)?

Yes, just use the provided sbus cable instead of the MoVI Pro API cable

6. Where can I mount the Satellite?

You can mount it anywhere on your gimbal, even sideways. Satellite has a unique mapping feature you can use to orient it striaght or at 90 degrees, such as on a cross-bar.

7. What cameras can I use with the Satellite camera run/stop feature?

Satellite is the only thumb controller with camera run/stop button. To use it, you will need a cable that is compatible with your camera. Please check our list of available Satellite run/stop cables.

For MoVI Pro, the run/stop function works through the MoVI Pro. This means Satellite supports run/stop for any camera Freefly has a MoVI Pro run/stop cable.