One Man Crew Director – Upgrade Service

One Man Crew Director – Upgrade Service


SKU: 8-124-0003

This is an upgrade service for your One Man Crew. Contact to see if your unit can be upgraded.

One Man Crew Director Upgrade

This is a service to upgrade existing One Man Crew units to the One Man Crew Director. This upgrade is a great way to get more from your existing unit and enjoy the latest advanced features and improved performance.

Upgrade Process

When you purchase this service, you will be sent instructions and RMA number to ship your One Man Crew to Redrock Service Department in Dallas, TX. Once we receive it, we will perform the upgrade and test to ensure proper performance, and then ship it back to you.

PLEASE NOTE: This item does not include p-tap cable or stand adapters. Shipping charges calculated at checkout is for return shipping to you. You will need to arrange shipping of your unit to Redrock Service Department according to the instructions we will send you once you place the order.

Key Features

  • The latest motor and motor mount for quiet operation
  • Latest machined rails for smooth reliable camera movement
  • Tune-up and adjustments for optimal performance
  • Camera run/stop port (cable sold separately)
  • The latest controller board including bluetooth connectivity and OMC remote app.
  • Latest firmware

Tech Specs

  • Upgraded rubberized motor mount
  • Machined aluminum rails
  • Android / iOS Bluetooth enabled
  • Self contained laser alignment setup
  • Supports up to 22 lbs camera rig
  • User Guide
  • Quick Start Guide

What's Included

  • One Man Crew Director upgrade service

How does this service work?

You purchase the upgrade service from Redrock direct. We will send you instructions on how to send us your One Man Crew. Once we receive it, we will perform the upgrade, test the unit, and ship your unit back to you as a One Man Crew Director.

Do I have to send in my One Man Crew for the upgrade?

Yes. Due to the extensive nature of the upgrade, we must perform the service at our Service Center.

Can I just ship my unit once I pay for the upgrade?

No. we schedule the service to ensure fast turnaround, so please only send the unit to us once you have received the email notice with RMA number.

Is this upgrade available worldwide?


Can I purchase this upgrade from a Redrock reseller?

No. Due to the nature of this upgrade, it is only available from Redrock direct.

How should I pack my One Man Crew for shipment?

Please use the original packing materials provided with your One Man Crew. Redrock is not responsible for any damage during shipment.

I think my One Man Crew have a problem right now, will the upgrade fix this?

It might, but if you are experiencing issues with the One Man Crew you are sending in for the upgrade, you should discuss this with our support organization prior to purchasing the upgrade. If the issue is not covered by the upgrade, it could be covered under warranty service, or it could be an additional cost. Our support organization will be able to help answer this.