Your New Crew

Keeping true to its origins, the One Man Crew Director delivers exceptional results for interviews, talking heads, and corporate/documentary work, with unique features for fast setup, unattended operation, and rock-solid results. The One Man Crew Director also proves itself a valuable tool for B-roll, inserts, reveals, and anywhere else you want to replace static shots with fluid movement. And its portability means you’ll want to take it with you to every shoot.

StayFocus™ Curved Rails

Unique curved track allows the camera to travel at a constant equal distance from your subject, meaning your subject will always remain in focus and in frame.

Strong and Smooth

Rails are engineered for strength to give a smooth ride to any camera up to 22lbs. The result is liquid smooth, gorgeous cinematic movement you’ll have to see to believe.

A Quiet Crew

A redesigned ultra-low noise drive system keeps the One Man Crew Director stealthy at interview speeds - often quieter than room tone or camera cooling - and nice and quiet at higher speeds.

Setup and Go in 60 Seconds

The portable, self-contained unit sets up in about a minute. Intuitive controls and laser-assisted subject placement allow you to "set it and forget it". One Man Crew Director does the rest, all by itself.

Remote Control

Our Android/iOS Remote App gives you the OMC’s full range of features at your fingertips, PLUS new remote-based capabilities such as run/stop, “reset for next question”, and speed up/slow down within a shot.

Tried and True

In addition to countless solo operators and smaller productions, One Man Crew is used today at some of the biggest networks and shows like Dan Rather Reports, America’s Got Talent, Dateline NBC and more.

One Man Crew Director Motorized Camera Slider


One Man Crew Stand Adapters


One Man Crew Director – Upgrade Service


One Man Crew Stand Adapter (one adapter)


OMCD Run / Stop flexCable for RED Cameras


OMCD Run/Stop flexCable for Canon DSLR – 52″


D-Tap Power Cable for One Man Crew Director


OMCD Run/Stop flexCable – Canon LANC


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