One Man Crew Director Motorized Camera Slider

One Man Crew Director Motorized Camera Slider


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A motorized slider that transforms your interviews and static shots with beautiful cinematic motion.

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Add Cinematic Camera Movement

The patented (8,973,505) One Man Crew Director™ is a motorized slider with a unique parabolic curve that transforms your static shots with beautiful cinematic motion. Dramatically improve interviews, documentaries and any talking head videos, all without a dedicated operator.

Your New Crew

The new One Man Crew Director delivers exceptional results for interviews, talking heads, and corporate/documentary work, with unique features for fast setup, unattended operation, and rock-solid results. The One Man Crew Director also proves itself a valuable tool for B-roll, inserts, reveals, and anywhere else you want to replace static shots with fluid camera movement.

Interviews, Talking Heads, Corporate

The One Man Crew Director is the perfect addition to small crews doing interviews and relying on fast setups and higher quality footage with the same budget and crew. The One Man Crew Director improves almost every aspect of shooting an interview, particularly the five shots every interview incorporates:

Use the One Man Crew Director on a single camera, on a second camera, or part of a larger multi-camera shoot. It will produce exceptional, smooth results without a dedicated camera operator. With the remote control app, One Man Crew Director is also great for self-interviews or youtube reviews. The One Man Crew Director also delivers beautiful, smooth camera movements outside of interviews. Use it for b-roll, insert shots, product beauty shots, anywhere you use a tripod today. The motorized trolly and precision-machined track gives you great fluid results for any shot you want to enhance. From ultra-slow creeps to fast reveals, you can dial in the exact speed you want. Every take will be as smooth as the first.

Completely Unattended Operation

You never want to be setting up and fine-tuning your gear while your interview is waiting. The One Man Crew Director is a self-contained unit sets up in about a minute. Intuitive controls and laser-assisted subject placement means you can truly "set it and forget it". One Man Crew Director does the rest, delivering smooth, controlled camera moves for that high-end production feel, all by itself. Walk into a board room, a hotel room, or a set with confidence you can nail the shot.

The heart of the One Man Crew Director is the first and only parabolic motion system based on the patented StayFocus curved rail. Once set up, your subject stays in focus and stationary in the frame without any operator assistance. Push-button ease of use means you are getting the shot, not fiddling with controls and programming while everyone is waiting.

Pays for Itself Over and Over

Deliver beautiful content on every project, no matter the budget. One Man Crew Director is at home on sets with one crew member or one hundred. Any way you use the One Man Crew, it delivers consistently great footage. Youʼll be amazed at what you can do with less.

Key Features

  • Instant setup with self-contained unit and laser alignment assist
  • Smooth controlled movements with speed control
  • Speed ramp down and up when changing directions
  • Patented parabolic motion with StayFocus rail keeps subject in focus and anchored in frame
  • 4 speed modes interview mode, dolly mode, awesome mode, and timelapse mode
  • Remote app for mobile devices to remotely control the One Man Crew Director
  • Remotely start and stop camera (optional camera cable)
  • Works with any camera - universal plate and support capacity of 22 lbs
  • Easy to transport and carry

Tech Specs

  • Track length: 36”
  • Set custom end points
  • Speed control: real-time wheel controlled/remote app
  •  Interview, dolly slow, dolly fast, time-lapse modes
  • Bubble level
  • Automatic track
  • Manual track
  • Maximum camera weight limit: 22lbs
  • Cheese plate for tripod mount
  • Mounting rigging for light stand mount
  • Rubber feet for table top mount
  • Accessory mounts - Cable and monitor mounting holes.
  • Heavy load tilt camera head
  • Laser assisted subject setup
  • Carrying handle
  • AC power (universal adapter included)
  • Power DC: 12-18v DC (p-tap battery cable Included)
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Dimensions: 9” x 3.25” x 46”
  • Weight: 14.5lbs including tilt head
  • User Guide
  • Quick Start

What's Included

  • 1 One Man Crew Director parabolic automated slider
  • 1 Redrock Heavy Load Tilt head
  • 2 cable wrangler clamps
  • 1 AC adapter (110v or 220v including international plug adapters)
  • 1 P-tap (d-tap) DC battery cable, 24"
  • 1 set light stand adapters (for light stand or c-stand support)
  • 1 padded carrying case
  • Free download of OMC Remote app for mobile device