MoVI Commander SLS FIZ bundle

MoVI Commander SLS FIZ bundle


SKU: 63-190-0002

Order now to ship in June. MoVI Commander + 3 SLS motor bundle for MoVI Pro/XL

Total Lens Control for your Freefly MoVI Pro or MoVI XL

Get the best of gimbal lens controls with this bundle. MoVI Commander is the perfect second operator controller for wireless FIZ (focus, iris, zoom) and gimbal control. SLS motors are the smallest, lightest, and strongest lens control motors specifically designed for MoVI Pro/XL gimbals, with native MoVI molex connectors that plug right in.

MoVI Commander: The professional wireless focus + gimbal controller that lives beyond the MoVI

MoVI Commander from Redrock Micro is a new mobile focus/iris/zoom controller with complete control over your MoVI Pro/XL pointing and settings, and also works outside the Freefly ecosystem. An extraordinarily valuable feature of the MoVI Commander is the interchangeable Command Module. Unplug the Freefly Mimic and plug in another module for standalone FIZ, VR, or other planned platforms.

Command your Gimbal and Camera

The MoVI Commander is more than a lens controller: The dual-axis joystick gives you remote control of gimbal pointing, and the smartly placed record button enables run/stop for any camera plugged in to the MoVIĆ­s camera control port.

Seamlessly integrates and extends your MoVI Pro/XL

The Freefly Mimic (not included) plugs into the MoVI Commander as the link to your MoVI Pro/XL, so all the MoVI settings and adjustments you rely on are available at your fingertips. The Commander powerDock USBC addresses some of the MoVI shortcomings, including infinitely extending the Mimic battery life and fiz control without being connected to the MoVI.

SLS Motors: The smallest, lightest, strongest motors designed specifically for gimbals

To create this next-generation lens control motor, we analyzed countless hours of real-world focus performance and listened to feedback from hundreds of remote focus customers. In addition to responsive and reliable performance, we heard smaller cameras and rigs required things to get smaller... a lot smaller. SLS is so good you'll want to use it on every shot. Fortunately it's small and light enough to keep it on your camera full time. If you are looking for professional performance lens control for your gimbal, as an upgrade to your existing microRemote or other compatible system, or if you want the latest miniaturized technology, SLS is the motor for you.

Product Features

Bundle Product Features Include:
  • Precision focus iris and zoom control with the professional ergonomics you expect
  • An incredible value - MoVI Commander costs a fraction of comparable solutions with all the features you need and more
  • Convenient all inclusive kit
What's Included with this Kit:
Qty Product Description SKU:
1 MoVI Commander (Mimic not included) 63-193-0001
3 SLS Lens Motors 2-190-0001