Commander powerDock USBC

Commander powerDock USBC


SKU: 2-178-0003

powerDock for MoVI Commander – Extended runtime for Commander and Mimic

Extended Battery life for your MoVI Commander and Freefly Mimic controller

If you are looking for a small, lightweight way to extend the battery life of the MoVI Commander and Mimic controller using batteries you probably already own, this accessory is for you.

Product Features

Key Product Features Include:
  • Extend the battery life of your MoVI Commander and Freefly Mimic controller
  • Hot swap for even longer shoot times
  • Uses standard Canon LP-E6 or compatible batteries
  • Built to last - machined aluminum and 1/4" mounting points for a lifetime of performance
Battery Compatibility Power Output Weight Dimensions User Guide
Canon LP-E6 or compatible 3rd party battery USB 5v 2oz 63mm L x 42mm H x 15mm W powerDock for MoVI Commander User Guide
What's Included with this Kit:
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1 powerDock for MoVI Commander 2-178-0003