Billie Ball Mount

Billie Ball Mount


SKU: 2-138-0001

Use this small but strong ball mount to connect your camera top accessories to you rig!

Low Profile, Compact Size

The Billie Ball Mount is an ultra-compact, low profile ballhead mount that is ideal for mounting and precise positioning of camera-top accessories and smaller cameras. The Billie Ball Mount has a male ¼” tap so it can be attached to a female ¼” mount such as a camera cage, cheeseplate, or other accessory.

Small Ball Head

The Billie Ball Mount is possibly the smallest ball mount available today, and is ideal when space and weight are a premium. This ball mount is perfect for camera-top accessory attachments. The ballhead rotates in all directions and can be used to precisely position the angle, direction, and orientation of whatever you attach to it.

Use with POV Cameras

The Billie Ball Mount can be used for virtually any kind of accessory mounting and positioning. The most popular uses include mounting POV cameras such as GoPro Hero (often with the Redrock Cobalt Cage), and mounting camera-top accessories such as a monitor, EVF, or rangefinder (microTape).

Product Information

Key Features

  • All steel construction
  • Black finish
  • 1/4-20 mounting spud
  • Male connector to rigging

Tech Specs

  • 1/4-20" mounting
  • Small and light
  • Strong

What's Included

  • 1x Billie Ball Mount
  • Mounting hardware