Halo Explorer Real-Time Rangefinder and Focus Tracking

Halo Explorer Real-Time Rangefinder and Focus Tracking


SKU: 2-163-0001

Halo Explorer Real-Time Rangefinder Standalone

Nail Focus, Every Time

Solve the challenge of accurate subject focus with the Halo Explorer. For the first time there is an affordable accurate ranger finder. For focus pullers, Halo Explorer gives you better tools with hybrid focus and focus acquisition, while still giving you complete control over your focus.

Automated Focus Tracking for Any Camera and Lens

When used with Eclipse products including Atlas and Navigator, Halo Explorer transforms into a powerful focus tracking system that keeps your subject locked in focus. As the subject moves, Halo measures the distance in sub-inch accuracy and moves the lens motor to keep your subject focused, updating continuously. Great for tricky shots that combine camera movement (like dollying) with subject movement. Halo can identify and track subjects up to a distance of 100'.

The World's First Hybrid Focus Tracking

Automated focus tracking can be incredibly valuable, but operators still want manual control at any time. Halo delivers the ability to move between automated focus and manual focus seamlessly and without notice. For the first time you can combine automated focusing with manual focusing within the same shot using any camera and any lens including cinema lenses.

You can also use this feature for push-button focus acquisition to quickly set up initial focus, or to measure distance in different parts of your scene to set up your focus marks in a fraction of the time.

Use as a Rangefinder for a Great Focus Puller's Companion

For reference, Halo Explorer delivers an incredibly accurate distance information, showing real-time sub-inch accuracy on the built-in display as a helpful reference when setting focus marks or pulling manual focus.

Key Features

  • Lidar (infrared laser) real-time rangefinder
  • integrated OLED display shows distance and settings
  • visible laser for adjusting aim (not used when shooting)
  • Easily set offset from film plane for optimal accuracy
  • Measurements shown in imperial feet/inches or metric
  • Drives automated focus tracking when used with Eclipse system
  • Full time automated focus tracking, hybrid focus, and focus acquisition
  • Onboard LED shows status, tally light
  • Incredibly compact and lightweight
  • Powered via Eclipse port (p-tap, ac power, etc.) or built-in LP-E6 battery plate
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Tech Specs

  • Rangefinder technology - infrared laser (safe for eyes)
  • effective range - 100ft (approx 30m)
  • beam angle: point laser approx 1 degree
  • display in choice of imperial feet/inches or meters
  • focus tracking, hybrid focus, focus acquisition, rangefinder operating modes
  • *lenses must support repeatable accurate calibration. Cine lenses and still lenses with hard stops are highly recommended.

What's Included

  • 1x Halo Explorer Unit