Eclipse for Robots Foundation Bundle

Eclipse for Robots Foundation Bundle


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Designed for Robots: Unlike traditional cinema focus systems, Eclipse was built from the ground up to be remotely powered and controlled by robotic systems.

Add Synchronized Focus Pulls and to with your your Robot Shots

Take your Robotic shots to the next level by adding focus iris and zoom control that is matched with your robot movements. The Eclipse for Robots Foundation Bundle is the platform that delivers connectivity, power, and control needed for Eclipse components when used with Robotic arms, MoCo, and other custom systems. As part of a complete Eclipse solution that works with Atlas motors, this bundle mirrors robotic arm production environments so your lens control fits and performs exactly as needed.

Organic results, Robotic Precision

Use Mimic for Autodesk® Maya® to program lens movements with organic bezier curves and smooth rolloffs. If you have your own system, you can use the Eclipse API to create your own motor controls. The result is focus iris and zoom control that matches your robot movement with precision and fluidity.

Works with Mimic™

Eclipse for Robots Foundation Bundle is the first "Works with Mimic" partner solution tested and proven to work with the Mimic plugin for Maya. Mimic is an Autodesk-authored free and open source plugin for Maya that enables industrial robot arms, MoCo systems, and Redrock Atlas motors to be visually programmed and played back in sync. Mimic is an ideal tool for Creatives who prefer a visual point-and-click interface instead of command line programming. Mimic for Maya offers a programming experience that will be familiar to users of Maya, Adobe® After Effects®, or other VFX software.

Product Features

This Kit's Features Include:
  • Works with Maya Plugin "Mimic"
  • Provides power and communications to Atlas FIZ motors
  • Lightweight control cables

Power Input Power Output Dimensions Weight
115/230VAC (Set for 115V by default) 150W 15V 10A Length: 159mm Height: 30mm Width: 97mm 453 grams (1 lb.)
Connector 1 Eclipse Net Power and Communications for Portal SOLO
Connector 2 SD7 7 Pin Waterproof Connector for Motor Control and Power
Connector 3 AC Power Input
Panel Mount
API Documentation Firmware Upates Upater USB App Warranty
Eclipse API None Download 1 Year

What's Included with this Kit:
Qty Product Description
2 10' Lightweight Control Cables
1 8" Control Cable Adapter
1 Eclipse API Documentation