Air Lens Gear

Air Lens Gear


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Air Lens Gears are the best way to adapt still lenses for motion and cinema.

Air Lens Gears – 66% lighter, 200% smaller, 100% what you want

Air Lens Gears are the best way to adapt still lenses for motion and cinema. These lens gears add lightweight precision gearing for accurate and repeatable focusing using a follow focus or wireless remote, and are small enough to leave on even when shooting stills. If you use still photo lenses for video and need lens gears that are top performers, small and light, and a great value, Air Lens Gears are for you.

The Best Way to Use Still Photo lenses for Motion and Cinema

Gearing your still lenses is essential to give you precise, repeatable focus pulls for video and cinema. The Air Lens Gears are designed with a unique lubricated nylon that wraps around your lens’ focus ring and applies gentle, even pressure for non-slip performance. Air Lens Gears have industry-standard 0.8 gearing that works with any focus system including Redrock’s microFollowFocus, microRemote and Eclipse.
Your lens is not modified in any way, and Air Lens Gears can be easily removed. But you won’t need to: they are small and light enough that you can leave on all the time, whether you are shooting motion or stills.

Perfect for Drones, Gimbals, and Smaller Cameras

Air Lens Gears are ideal when you need to keep weight and size down. They are 66% lighter than alternatives, and small enough to keep your rig tight.

Professional Performance you don’t have to worry about

Air Lens Gears are made of a unique lubricated nylon, so they grip your lens gently and securely, and unlike other gears never cracks or loses its shape. The unique Final Touch tightening system ensures you get just the right amount of tension so the gear never slips.

Key Features

  • Lens Double Duty - adapts still lenses for video and cinema accessories
  • Universal – Works with virtually any lens. Can also be used on many iris and zoom rings
  • Low profile – small diameter so you can leave on and use for still or motion
  • Safe for your lens – does not mark lens, gentle even pressure doesn’t create stiffness, and can be removed at any time
  • Gear every lens – A value so good you can afford to gear all your lenses

Tech Specs

  • Industry standard 0.8 mod 32 film pitch gearing
  • Length: Fits lenses up 12.5” / 318mm (circumference of focus ring)
  • Width: 3/8” / 10mm
  • Weight: 12g (full size, weight reduced when cut to size)

What's Included

  • 1x Air Lens Gear

How do Air Lens Gears work?

Air Lens Gears wrap around your focus ring to provide gearing so still photographic lenses can be used with follow focus units or wireless remote focus. They offer non-slip performance and while they can easily be removed, they are small and light enough to be left on your lens.

Are Air Lens Gears permanent? Can I remove them?

They are non permanent and can be removed at any time. However, they are designed to be small and light enough to be left on the lens.

Will Air Lens Gears damage or mark my lens in any way?

No, they will not leave any marks or residue on the lens.

Will Air Lens Gears slip?

When attached correctly, Air Lens Gears deliver slip-free performance

What lenses will Air Lens Gears fit?

They fit virtually any lens that has a focus ring circumference of 12.5” (318mm) or less, and a width of 3/8” (10mm) or more.