Get Your Gimbal Rig Production-ready

Purchasing a gimbal gets you well on your way to owning a versatile and capable production rig. Redrock gear and accessories complete your setup. The microRemote delivers remote-controlled wireless focus AND operator-controlled focus at your fingertip. The powerPack allows you to power all your accessories from one battery, protect them from power spikes, and extend your gimbal’s runtime. Flex cables are optimized for gimbal use, and Redrock’s expansive collection of mounting accessories help you built the perfect rig for your productions.

Power and Protect

The powerPack allows you to power all your accessories from one battery and protects them from damaging power spikes. You can use with your gimbal’s LiPo batteries to save on precious weight.

Master Focus

The microRemote is a great all-around focus control system that’s powerful enough to drive most lenses and lightweight enough to be ideal on any gimbal setup.

Operator-controlled Focus

Control focus from your fingertip with the Fingerwheel controller. This is the overwhelming favorite configuration for solo operators who frame, operate, and pull their own focus.


In 6", 4", and 2" options, the Rhinomount is the ideal lightweight solution for attaching a Torque Motor for focus control. It mounts to your camera’s hot shoe for a strong, minimal setup.

Peripheral Mounting

Redrock has the best solutions for mounting accessories. Billie and Bettie Ballheads are the world’s lowest profile ball mounts to position and secure your operator display. The Collins clamp is great for attaching any accessory to your gimbal.

Cables Optimized for Gimbals

Redrock flexCables are 33% lighter, 20% thinner, easier to wrangle, and make balancing your gimbal less of a hassle. Enhanced flexibility means cables won’t interfere with the operation of your gimbal.



Scout HX


Scout – HS

Universal Fingerwheel Controller


microRemote Handheld Controller


Fingerwheel Controller flexCable – 50″


DSLR ultraCage Gimbal Kit


JST Power flexCable for microRemote


microRemote Wireless Kit


DJI Ronin – microRemote Cable Kit


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