Scout – HS

Scout – HS

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The Perfect Upgrade for Existing MicroRemote Owners who want the Scout Rig, but already own the microRemote, the Scout HS bundle is designed for you.

Multi-Tool for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

The Scout is the ultra-portable camera multi-tool. It’s a universal cage and rig in one featuring a built-in microRemote Fingerwheel System that’s wireless ready. Integrated power keeps everything tight and self-contained, and highly configurable to fit cameras ranging from smaller mirrorless to larger DSLRs.


microRemote Fingerwheel is completely integrated into the UltraCage Scout HS rig and offers exceptionally smooth electronically-controlled focus for the operator without your hand ever leaving the grip. The Scout is also wireless ready when you need someone else to pull focus - just add the microRemote Handheld Controller (sold separately) and they can focus remotely up to 1 mile away.

Onboard Power

Scout keeps it tight and powered with the integrated battery inside the hand grip. The lightweight LP-E6 battery (not included) powers the microRemote and keeps it running without extra cables or external batteries.The ultimate handheld rig for IBIS (body-stabilized) cameras including Sony A7S II and A7R II, Panasonic GH4, Canon and Nikon DSLR's

Perfect camera balance

with the Scout’s opposite-side handgrip for handholding shots and creative focus control at your fingertips that delivers on the promise of cinema-style handheld footage without bulky gear. Load-and-go, run-and-gun, point-and-shoot right out of the box. Scout is the ultimate self-contained rig for handheld mirrorless camera and DSLR video.

Key Features

  • With the optional rail block you can quickly switch between handheld, tripod, and shouldermount. The unique bottom plate is DJI Ronin-M compatible so you can slide your Scout right into the gimbal and not lose a beat.
  • Two setup options with the Expanded mode for extended grip and comfortable balanced handholding, or Compact mode for a collapsed rig and smaller setup ideal for cine-style rigs or gimbals. Fine-tune between the two modes using for maximum size and balance adjustments.
  • Add a standard microRemote fingerwheel – with the built-in fingerwheel port, you can still use the onboard motor with a standard Redrock fingerwheel for cinema-style rigs like shouldermount or jib/crane use (external fingerwheel purchased separately)

Tech Specs

  • All camera functions fully accessible, and the precision-machined aluminum frame gives your camera added protection from bumps and scrapes.
  • The integrated cold shoe mount enables you to mount up to two accessories, and the Rhino Mount (not included) ingeniously secures the Torque motor for slip-free operation.
  • Enjoy exceptional stability and torque resistance
  • Easy balancing with built-in multi-axis balance adjustments
  • Wireless-ready - enables second person to pull focus remotely (just add the wireless handheld remote, sold separately)

What's Included

  • 1x Scout cage
  • Integrated fingerwheel controller in handgrip
  • Adjustable top arm (for cameras ranging from 91mm to 125mm tall)
  • 2x integrated cold shoe mounts for accessory mounting (one adjustable, one fixed)
  • Ready for optional bottom rail clamp (sold separately)
  • 1x Y cable to power your existing microRemote system from Scout's internal battery and connect Scout fingerwheel.
  • Scout HX and HS use LPE-6 and compatible batteries. Battery not included.
  • Total Weight: 2.2 lbs
  • User Guide

Optional Accessories

You may need a couple more accessories to mount your existing microRemote to the Scout HS