Automated Focus Tracking

Nail focus every time with Hālo

Hālo is the first affordable, accurate, intuitive system that can automatically track and keep your subject in focus using your existing lens and camera. When you operate alone, Hālo automatically keeps your subject in focus so you can concentrate on framing. For focus pullers, Halo Explorer gives you fexible focusing assistants while you stay in complete control. Advanced technology, compact size and weight, and a ordability mean Hālo is great for enthusiasts, owner/operators, and production professionals alike.

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How It Works:

To experience full focus tracking, the Hālo Explorer module is used in combination with other Eclipse products including Atlas Smart Motor and Navigator Command Module. Hālo Explorer’s infrared lasers track subject distance in real-time. This information is used by Atlas smart motors to adjust focus automatically. The Navigator Command Module gives you fingertip-control to engage focus tracking, use the focus assistants, and as a complete mini FIZ (focus iris zoom) controller.


Automated focus tracking for your
camera and lens

When combined with Atlas smart motors, Hālo transforms into a powerful focus tracking system that keeps your subject automatically in focus at all times. As the subject moves, Halo measures the distance in sub-inch accuracy and the lens motor adjusts focus to keep your subject razor sharp. Hālo updates continuously and in real-time so it’s also great for wide open lenses and long focal lengths. Hālo is ideal for tricky shots that combine camera movement (like dollying) with subject movement.

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Long Distance

Halo can identify and track subjects up to a distance of 100 feet (approx. 33m).

Virtually Any Camera, Any Lens

The only lens requirement is it must be properly geared (standard lm-pitch 0.8 gearing) and must have hard stops on each end to ensure repeatable calibration and focus marks.


Advanced focus assist gives focus pullers more control

Automated focus tracking can be incredibly valuable, but operators still want manual control at any time. Halo delivers the ability to move between automated focus and manual focus seamlessly and without notice. For the first time you can combine automated focusing with manual focusing within the same shot using any camera and any lens including cinema lenses. You can also use this feature for push-button focus acquisition to quickly set up initial focus, or to measure distance in different parts of your scene to set up your focus marks in a fraction of the time. MissionControl is an invaluable tool that overlays distance and focus information on your compatible SmallHD monitor. Any operator or focus puller can use this for reference, focus assistance, or to actively adjust focus tracking.

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On its own, Hālo Explorer can be used as an inexpensive, highly accurate range nder reference that delivers sub-inch accuracy. Use it to calibrate your remote, or as a helpful reference when setting marks or pulling focus.

Press to snap focus to an object, and use as starting point, or to set a reference point. measure distance in different parts of your scene to set up your focus marks in a fraction of the time.

Rather than force you to use full time autofo- cus, Hālo Explorer can be used to autofocus on portions of your scene, while retaining complete control over manual adjustments. Truly revolutionary.



Explorer has several communcation options built-in.

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Explorer Communication

Hālo Explorer has built-in WiFi. Connect, control and update Altas via the free Eclipse app.

All of our Eclipse products speak EclipseNet. Every product can communicate and receive power via EclipseNet.

With the appropriate cable, Explorer can control your Camera. LANC as well as other Run/Stop protocols are supported.


EclipseNet - The Future

As a member of our Eclipse line of products, Hālo Explorer includes future-ready firmware. All of our Eclipse products connect to each other and speak the same protocol, so as we release new Eclipse gear, Explorer will be ready to connect and communicate.

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Halo Explorer Real-Time Rangefinder and Focus Tracking


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