retroFlex for Blackmagic Pocket Camera

retroFlex for Blackmagic Pocket Camera

SKU: 8-144-0001

The retroFlex Rig evokes a retro style of filmmaking and perfect for handheld shooting. Get stable footage while looking good.

Stylized Rigging

Sophisticated style blends with practical shooting. The retroFlex Rig Bundle for Blackmagic Pocket Camera evokes a retro style of filmmaking, when it was all about the film, and production was stylish.

Now with the modern flexibility of digital filmmaking, a modular cage system, and expandable rig, the retroFlex rig makes shooting both a nostalgic joy and a modern technical delight.

Practical Features, Stylish Package

The retroFlex Rig combines retro-styling with modern practicality. At the heart of the retroFlex Rig is the retroFlex Cage. The cage features 9 mounting points including a cold shoe replicator, the retroFlex adds all the functionality of a cage without the bulky size.

The open-face design of the cage keeps the Pocket Camera's grip accessible and allows for easy and secure handling of the entire cage.

The Viewfinder

The retroFlex Rig also includes the 3x Optical Viewfinder, which allows for a clear view of the screen under all shooting conditions. The Optical Viewfinder is attached to the retroFlex Cage  via rare-earth magnets and an integrated mounting frame that prevents light leakage. The Optical Viewfinder also features an integrated adjustable diopter, rendering a tack-sharp image for any user.


Finally, the retroFlex Rig includes a Run/Stop Pistol Grip support that allows for the camera to be triggered at a moments notice without needing to readjust your grip.

Upward Mobility

The open-face design of the retroFlex cage allows for limitless expansion. Unlike other cages, the retroFlex Cage does not block or affect the lens mount, leaving it available for any lens adaptation like the LiveLens MFT or Professional PL adapters.

The optional wireLock accessory  enables the Pocket Cinema Camera to integrate into any traditional production environment without worrying about damaging the consumer-grade ports.

Key Features

  • Retro-styling and design.
  • Fantastic ergonomics for street or vérité style shooting.
  • The cage protects the camera and adds mounting points and cold shoe options.
  • Removable handgrip with run/stop trigger
  • Bright sharp viewfinder aids in outdoor screen visibility,
  • Viewfinder is easily detachable
  • Retro-Styling for the Modern Shooter

Tech Specs

  • Made from lightweight anodized aluminum
  • LANC run/stop components built into handle
  • Magnetically attached 3X optical viewfinder
  • Focasable diopter on the viewfinder

What's Included

  • Retroflex cage for Blackmagic Pocket Camera
  • Pistol grip with Run/Stop trigger
  • Run/Stop Cable for Pocket Camera
  • 3X optical viewfinder
  • Leather wrist strap
  • 1/4-20 camera screws
  • Sweet box