retroFlex – S Rig Bundle for Sony A7 II Series

retroFlex – S Rig Bundle for Sony A7 II Series


SKU: 8-144-0004

retroFlex-S stylized rigging for Sony Alpha A7 II series mirrorless cameras.

Enjoy old school style

The retroFlex-S is a great way to shoot handheld, street, or event footage with your Sony alpha mirrorless camera. It's more than just one rig: the viewfinder and handgrip are easily removed, and the cage can be used standalone for more sophisticated rigs.

Flexible Rigging

The integrated arcs-swiss dovetail means the retroFlex cage can be dropped right onto your compatible tripod clamp for the ultimate in hybrid shooting. The optional microRRSClamp adds industry standard 15mm rails to the bottom.

Key Features

  • The retroFlex-S includes a form-fitting camera cage, a professional handgrip with integrated start/stop button, and a huge bright viewfinder for comfortable shooting even in mid-day sun.

Tech Specs

  • The retroFlex-S is compatible with Sony alpha A7 II series mirrorless cameras including A7 II, A7S II, and A7R II.

What's Included

  • 1x retroFlex-S cage with integrated arca-swiss compatible dovetail for Sony A7 II series mirrorless cameras
  • 1x High quality optical Viewfinder with focusable diopter and magnetic attachment/detachment
  • 1x Ergonomic Pistol Grip with integrated camera start/stop button and cable
  • 1x Leather wrist strap