powerDock – Eclipse

powerDock – Eclipse


SKU: 2-178-0002

powerDock for Eclipse – use DSLR batteries to power Eclipse products

Power Any Eclipse Product with DSLR Batteries

The powerDock enables you to use standard Canon DSLR batteries to power any Eclipse product. If you are looking for a small, lightweight way to power your Eclipse gear using batteries you probably already own, this accessory is for you.

Key Features

  • Power your Eclipse product from standard DSLR battery - lightweight, easy to use, and inexpensive
  • Perfect for gimbals and drones - compact and lightweight is easier to balance and faster to setup, and can be mounted directly to camera to eliminate cable tangling or pulls
  • Surprising battery life - often can last for hours with typical use
  • Built to last - locking push pull style connector, machined aluminum and 1/4" mounting points for a lifetime of performance
  • USB port - for powering a USB device or even recharging your phone

Tech Specs

  • Battery compatibility: Canon LP-E6 or compatible 3rd party battery
  • Cable length: 24"
  • Cable type: integrated flexCable with Eclipse connector
  • Weight: 2oz
  • Size: 63mm L x 42mm H x 15mm W

What's Included

  • 1x powerDock for Eclipse w/ integrated cable 24"

What does the powerDock for Eclipse do?

The powerDock enables you to power Eclipse Products from standard Canon LP-E6 DSLR camera batteries. The result is a compact, lightweight, and inexpensive solution for powering your remote, and can be easily attached to smaller or weight-limited rigs such as gimbals and drones.

How can I mount this to my rig?

The powerDock includes a 1/4"-20 tap for attaching to any standard 1/4" screw. In addition the wide backplate is a great way to use velcro for securing it to you rig.

Is there any special type of battery?

The powerDock works with any Canon compatible LP-E6 battery. Some third party LP-E6 compatible batteries offer shorter battery life, so we recommend using Canon-brand LP-E6 to maximize your power-on time.

Can I power other accessories with this plate?

The powerDock has a standard USB connector for additional power to low power accessories. See tech specs for more info.