nano – RunningMan

nano – RunningMan


SKU: 19-001-0009

The RunningMan DSLR Nano Rig is ideal for the run and gun DSLR shooters of today.


With its compact design you can now have both stability and size on your side. The microBrace body pad, microHandGrip, and optional microFinder loupe accessory deliver 3 points of contact for ultra stable shots in a compact package.

Key Features

  • Combines stability and size for the ideal run-and-gun DSLR support rig.
  • Lightweight, compact, and solid support

Tech Specs

  • 3 points of contact--handgrip, body pad, and camera grip for achieving stable handheld video.
  • User Guide

What's Included

  • 1x nano DSLR Baseplate
  • 1x 4" Grip Rod
  • 1x microMount without microSpud
  • 1x microBrace Body Pad
  • 1x microHandGrip