microMatteBox Bundle 19mm/15mm

microMatteBox Bundle 19mm/15mm

SKU: 8-003-0044

Industry-leading matte box whether you are shooting with a DSLR or the latest digital cinema camera with a cinema zoom lens

Improve Video Quality

The filter stages enable you to enhance or modify the light to control exposure, add creative effects, or improve the overall image that often is not possible in post-production. The microMattebox enables you to use industry standard filters in as few or as many at one time as you wish. Use ND filters to cut down the light and open the lens aperture for more cinematic selective focus. Rotating stages enable a polarizer filter to dial in just the right amount of blue sky, or precisely align a graduated ND with the horizon. All stages contain a 360 degree rotating filter tray, and the microMatteBox has the ability to add as many additional stages as required by your shooting style.

Professional Grade Matte Box

Protect your DSLR, mirrorless, digital cine lenses while controlling the light, and enhancing the image with the expandable filter stage system. Flags give you extended control over what light comes in contact with the lens.The top flag, side wings, and bottom flag controls the light that enters your lens and prevents unwanted light from hitting your lens, which can introduce distracting lens flares to your image. The full-size lens shade and removable matte maximizes light protection, and also works with lenses as wide as 20mm (on 35mm full frame equivalent).The unique modular system is compatible with virtually any camera and lens for years to come.

Key Features

  • Swing-away design for fast lens changes
  • All stages rotate 360 degrees
  • 4”x 5.65” filter trays with filter locks included
  • Support arm for 19mm/15mm studio offset support arm included
  • Adjustable metal Flag & sidewings
  • Neoprene donuts ensure a tight light leak-free connection with your lens without slowing down lens lenses
  • Compatible with Arri bellows and 138mm rotating stage
  • Any model can be upgraded with stages, flags/sidewings, and support arm

Tech Specs

  • Add additional stages in one stage increments
  • All lightweight aluminum alloy construction, High impact ABS lens shade
  • Professional grade full size cinema-style matte box
  • Support for 5.65" square filters with optional larger filter trays (available separately)
  • Weight 3 lb 14 oz (with two filter stages and trays)
  • User Guide

What's Included

  • 1x microMatteBox wide format shade
  • 1x Universal 15mm studio offset/19mm swing-away arm (rods and baseplate not included)
  • 2x universal 360 degree rotating filter stages
  • 1x larger 142mm diameter opening for larger lens support
  • 2x dual-purpose filter trays, supporting 4x4 and 4x5.65” filter sizes
  • 1x wide screen removable matte
  • 1x microMatteBox flag mounting hardware
  • 1x wide screen interchangeable matte
  • 1x Top eyebrow (french flag)
  • 2x adjustable side wings
  • 4x neoprene donuts to fit lenses of varying diameters (diameter of openings 51mm, 64mm, 76mm, 102mm - additional sizes can be cut from supplied donuts)

Why do I need a matte box?

A matte box performs three critical functions: managing light, enhancing image, and protecting the lens. The matte box shade controls the light that enters your lens. It prevents unwanted light from hitting your lens, which can introduce unwanted and distracting flares to your image. The microMatteBox has the ability to further extend and manipulate this protection with a top flag, side flags, and a bottom flag.

The filter stages enable you to enhance or modify the light to control exposure, add creative effects, or improve the overall image. The microMatteBox enables you to use industry standard filters in as few or as many at one time as you wish.

The matte box is a sturdy solid accessory that sits on the front of your lens, and protects your lenses from unwanted dust, dings, or falls where your lens may get damaged.

And finally, although it’s not a critical function, the look and style of a matte box on your camera gives your crew and actors the feeling and confidence of ‘real cinema production’.

Which matte box is right for me?

The majority of cameras today are best served by the microMatteBox Deluxe Bundle, which is an economical full-featured matte box including top and side flags. The matte box mounting arm uses standard 15mm lightweight (60mm spacing).

If you are looking for a more economical solution, consider the microMatteBox Standard Bundle (the same as the Deluxe bundle, but you can add the flag and sidewings later), or the microMatteBox single stage standard bundle (a single stage solution).

If you are using larger cinema lenses that require 19mm or 15mm offset studio-style support, look at the microMatteBox 19mm/15mm studio bundle, with a special arm for use with the larger rail and plate systems.

No matter which you start with, you can always add or remove accessories to create any version of mattebox from any other one.

Why do I need flags?

Flags and side wings give you additional control over what light comes in contact with the lens. A top flag is a crucial tool when shooting outside to block the sun from hitting the lens. Any light that hits the lens will bounce around inside of the lens and cause both image artifacts and unpleasant color shifts. The microMatteBox eliminates these effects when outfitted with the large top flag and side wings.

What are the benefits of a swing-away matte box?
A swing-away design allows the mattebox to be easily moved away from the lens (‘swing away’) to make lens changes. This is more important when using prime lenses, as the lenses are more often changed. Once the new lens is in place, the mattebox swings back into place, maintaining the usefulness of the matte box without slowing down production.

When would I use more then one filter?

Filters allow you to precisely control the final image by manipulating the image in ways not possible in post-production. In outdoor environments, using Neutral Density (ND) filters allow the lens to open up and create a shallower, more cinematic depth of field. Graduated ND filters can help cut down on sky exposure for a more even and pleasant overall exposure.

The ability to use multiple filters at once means you don’t have to compromise on choosing just one filter. For example, while shooting an outdoor pool scene one may use a Circular Polarizer, 1.2 ND Filter, .9 Graduated ND, and even a glimmer glass to compliment the overall feel of the sequence.

Why do I need rotating filter stages?
Many filters are designed to be rotated to achieve their desired effect: polarizers are rotated until they darken the sky. Graduated ND filters need to be rotated to align with the horizon. All filter stages in the microMatteBox are rotating.

Why would I want 5.65 Square Filters?
5.65 Square filters are another standard filter size among professional shooters, primarily for use with the largest cinema lenses. The larger filters also allow for more adjustment and options when it comes to controlling your image with things like graduated ND filters. The microMatteBox has built-in support for 5.65” square filters, you just need to pick up the optional 5.65” square filter tray.