microFollowFocus 19mm adapter clamp

microFollowFocus 19mm adapter clamp


SKU: 2-028-0001

microFollowFocus 19mm Adapter Clamp for the microFollowFocus v2 allows the microFollowFocus version 2 to be used on 19mm rods.

Quick Release

adapter clamp feature in the microFollowFocus 19mm Adapter Clamp that allows the microFollowFocus v2 to be used on larger 19mm rods, such as those used by RED digital cinema cameras. With its lightweight design and easy on/off attachment, this adapter opens up new possibilities for your follow focus system.

Key Features

  • The adapter clamp is a quick release system for easy on/off attachment design to match the microFollowFocus.

Tech Specs

  • The 19mm adapter clamp works only with the Redrock microFollowFocus version 2.

What's Included

  • 1x microFollowFocus 19mm adapter clamp