Affordable, Professional Focus Control

The microFollowFocus is a new generation of professional-quality affordable focus unit that leads the way in price/performance. It’s exceptional, flippable gear box handles cinema and still lenses with fluid, smooth precision, and the choice of drive gears (film Canon or Fujinon gear pitches) make it extremely versatile. Our unique backlash adjustment keeps the performance as good-as-new for years to come. With three great models, we have a follow focus for every budget and every skill level: microFollowFocus, microFollowFocus Black, and microFollowFocus Black Studio.

Exceptional Gear Box

microFollowFocus features a flippable gear box to quickly change the gear orientation and a choice of drive gears (film Canon or Fujinon gear pitches) to accommodate virtually any lens.


All models of microFollowFocus feature our unique backlash adjustment, keeping the performance as good-as-new for years to come. Easily tune up your unit over and over, as much as you like.

Built to Last

Precision-machined aluminum construction means your unit is tough and durable. Shoot after shoot, with any rig, you’ll be able to rely on microFollow Focus.

Adjustable Hard Stops

Adjustable hard stops are the key to reliable, repeatable focus. They are also the perfect companion for forever-spinning still lenses. The reinforced focus indicator is adjustable, too, so you can position it effectively for your first AC or operator-only focus pulls. (FollowFocus Black Only)


microFollow Focus features a flippable gear box, so you can quickly change the gear orientation to accommodate shorter lenses. And the Black Series units sport a quick-release design, so moving your follow focus between rigs is quick and easy.


An illuminated marking disk makes shooting at night or low-light possible and practical. Can’t decide between a single and double-sided unit? You can add the second side at any time, and easily switch between single and double-sided operation.



microFollowFocus Professional Series


microFollowFocus Black Studio (double-sided)


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