Cobalt Cage Kit for Hero 3/4

Cobalt Cage Kit for Hero 3/4


SKU: 3-137-0002

The Deluxe Accessory Kit for the Cobalt Cage allows you to attach your GoPro Hero3 into the Cobalt Cage without the need for the GoPro housing.


The Deluxe Accessory Kit provides the brackets to secure the Hero3/4 naked inside of the Cobalt Cage. The camera is held in place by top and bottom pressure mounts, a rear threaded stopper, and guiding front frame to assure the camera is pointed straight at all times.

By bypassing the GoPro’s housing, you eliminate the chances of fog forming and causing a soft image.


By placing the Hero3 inside of the cage without the underwater casing, you also maintain access to the card slot for easy media swapping, as well as the in/out ports so you can use accessories like a microphone or external monitor.


By not using the GoPro housing, you’re shedding unnecessary weight that can make or break a setup.

Please Note: This is an add-on accessory for the Cobalt Cage for GoPro Hero3/4, and requires the Cobalt cage to work correctly.

Product Information

Key Features

  • Small
  • Lightweight

Tech Specs

What's Included

  • Top and bottom clamps
  • Mounting hardware