2-Pin Flying Lead

2-Pin Flying Lead


SKU: 2-100-0071

Use this cable to create a custom cable to fit most of your powered camera accessories and connect them to the powerPack

Output Pigtail

The 2-pin pigtail cable is an accessory for the powerPack power distribution system that lets you adapt to power accessories with precise voltage requirements, usually a specific camera. This cable can be adapted to virtually any accessory with precise voltage requirements that are set using the variable voltage adjustment on the powerPack (from 3-12V). This cable can also be used to adapt 12VDC powered accessories, including monitors, audio gear, external recorders, and wireless focus systems.

Key Features

  • Made to our "flexCable" standard
  • Secure push/pull connector

Tech Specs

  • 2 pin size 0 connector for powerPack
  • Labeled exposed leads for your accessory

What's Included

  • 1x 24" flying lead
  • Velcro strap