Monitor Positioning System

Expand Your Gimbals’ Effective
Shooting Range by 50% or More

The world’s first Monitor Positioning System (MPS) ensures your monitor is always facing you while operating at any angle. Whether you are shooting at ground level or high overhead, Orbit guarantees you can frame the shot accurately. Frame with precision and work with confidence, whether operating solo or as part of a team.

Real-time Monitor Positioning
for Accurate Framing

You can manually adjust monitor position for simple shots, but the real magic is the Follow Me Sensor that automatically and continuously repositions your monitor in real time. With Orbit your shot angle range is greatly expanded. Orbit is not tied to a single operator - you can still achieve great handoff shots to other operators and Orbit keeps working.

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Your Gimbal Range, Extended

In most situations, the Follow Me sensor is the best option to have the monitor automatically adjust to face you at any angle. A quick setup lets Orbit know your height and preferred operating angles, and once completed it’s ready to roll.

FollowMe Sensor

Orbit’s automatic functionality is driven by the ‘FollowMe’ Sonar sensor. The sensor is mounted on your rig pointed downward, and tells Orbit to position your monitor angle based on relative height of your rig.


Manual Tracking with Satellite

Orbit ships with Satellite, an ingenious mini thumb controller that delivers manual control to your monitor position. Shots that don’t require a lot of vertical gimbal movement may be better served with quick manual monitor positioning.

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Electronic Manual Positioning

Where vertical gimbal movement isn’t required within a take, it can be ideal to set the the monitor position manually. The Satellite controller is great for manual Orbit control, and ships with the Orbit.

More than just an Orbit Controller

Besides being the perfect compliment to Orbit, Satellite is a full gimbal controller (pan/tilt/roll). Satellite also delivers camera run/stop capability. Click here to learn more about the amazing Satellite.


Welcome to EclipseNet

As a member of the Eclipse line of products, Orbit includes future-ready firmware. All of our Eclipse products connect to each other and speak the same protocol, so as we release new Eclipse gear, Orbit will be ready to connect and communicate.

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Orbit supports the LANC Protocol for camera Run/Stop and other available features.

We update Orbit via WiFi, but the future is full of possibilities

All Eclipse products support the EclipseNet protocol. They all talk to each other, supply power to one another and, for most Eclipse products, the cables are interchangeable.


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