Mount Without Fear. Shoot Without Limits.

The Cobalt Cage for GoPro® HERO4, HERO3/+, and HERO2 from Redrock Micro lets you use your GoPro the way it is meant to be used: extreme POV, risky camera setups, insane camera mounts. Make it all happen while keeping your camera secure and your shots rock-solid. Cobalt Cage gives you the confidence to put your GoPro in harm’s way, knowing it will come out the other side intact and ready for the next deployment.

Use Excessive Force

Impact-proof, crash-proof, crush-proof; precision-machined military-grade aluminum enclosure gives you the confidence to put your GoPro in harm’s way.


No more unreliable attachments and difficult-to-tighten knobs. The Cobalt Cage delivers all the industry-standard mounting taps you need to get solid, stable shots with the video accessories you already have.

Expand Without Limits

Attach the camera accessories you need that make the difference between good clips and sensational shots. Use a ball-head for better camera positioning, a small LED for better lighting, and any other accessories you need.

Eliminate Fogging

Cobalt Cage fits snug around your GoPro with AND without the camera’s waterproof housing. For the clearest possible image with zero fogging, mount the GoPro directly in the Cobalt Cage.

Full Accessibility

All the camera’s ports, switches, buttons, and card slots are accessible while mounted in the Cobalt Cage.

GoPro Compatibility

Cobalt Cage fits GoPro HERO2, HERO3/3+, HERO4. You can mount each camera while in its waterproof housing, or directly in the cage with our Deluxe Accessory Kit.

Cobalt Cage for GoPro Hero 3/3+/4

Cobalt Cage Kit for Hero 3/4


Cobalt Cage for GoPro Hero and Hero2


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