wireLock for ultraCage DSLR

wireLock for ultraCage DSLR


SKU: 2-113-0003

The wireLock accessory protects and converts your video DSLR’s HDMI output jack to ensure a solid, reliable video connection.

Use with DSLR Cameras

The wireLock accessory protects and converts your video DSLR’s HDMI output jack to ensure a solid, reliable video connection. wireLock fastens to either the ultraCage DSLR or ultraBase DSLR and attaches to your DSLR’s mini HDMI port.

Converts Full Size to Mini

The outside wireLock port is a full size HDMI cable which is stabilized by the wireLock’s solid machined aluminum housing. The result protects your camera’s mini HDMI port, converts the connection to a more robust full sized HDMI, and ensures a reliable, lasting HDMI connection to your external monitor or video recorder.

Key Features

  • Solid connection to your camera's HDMI Port
  • Made from lightweight aluminum
  • Black anodize finish to match your rig
  • Use with ultraCage or ultraBase rigs for DSLR cameras

Tech Specs

  • Mounts to rigging
  • Secures your cable connection

What's Included

  • 1x mount
  • 1x right angle HDMI to Mini HDMI Connector