Reversing gear for microFollowFocus

Reversing gear for microFollowFocus


SKU: 8-003-0049

The microFollowFocus reversing gear is an optional add-on accessory for the microFollowFocus V2.

Reversing Gear

on a convenient arm that corrects the reverse direction of Nikon and Pentax lenses. This gear for microFollowFocus is a drive gear used to rotate in standard cinema direction. That arm allows the reversing gear to be moved away or engaged as needed.

Key Features

  • For Canon 0.5 Pitch Gearing
  • Compatible with microFollowFocus V2/V3
  • Used with Pre-geared Canon Lenses

Tech Specs

  • Please Note:This reversing gear is compatible only with the microFollowFocus V2 and earlier units.

What's Included

  • 1x reversing gear