P-Tap Power Cable for powerPack – 24″

P-Tap Power Cable for powerPack – 24″


SKU: 2-100-0009

Use this cable to power your powerPack from a D-Tap power source.

External Power

The powerPack Power-in Cable for P-Tap allows you to attach any external power tap (also known as P-Tap, or D-Tap) battery to the powerPack input. It is also compatible with the microTape Sonar Rangefinder. Common examples of P-Tap batteries include Anton Bauer, Sony V-Mount, Switronix, PAG and other ‘brick-style’ batteries.

Key Features

  • Secure Push/Pull Connector
  • Heavy duty insulated cable

Tech Specs

  • 6 pin push/pull connector for powerPack
  • 2 pin male D-tap connector for power source

  • 24" in length

What's Included

  • 1x 24" power cable
  • 1x velcro strap