microRiser – adjustable height

microRiser – adjustable height


SKU: 8-017-0018

Use the microRiser when you need to attach a second set rods in front of the camera to raise the rods higher.

Key Features

  • This allows front-of-camera accessories such as a follow focus or mattebox to be used with video DSLRs with battery grip or other under-camera accessory.
  • The microRiser is also useful when using the LowBase for Tall Cameras in conjunction with smaller diameter lens for follow focus support.

Tech Specs

  • The microRiser Adjustable height offsets the centerline distance of the second set of rods by from 0.780” at its shortest to 1.780” at its tallest.
  • Rod support is 15mm/ 60mm spacing Weight: 261g/ 9oz

What's Included

  • 1x microRiser