microRemote Run/Stop flexCable for RED Cameras – 24″

microRemote Run/Stop flexCable for RED Cameras – 24″


SKU: 2-100-0074

Use this cable to activate the recording function on you RED Cinema Camera from your microRemote.

Use with Red

The Run/Stop Cable for the RED Digital Cinema Scarlet/Epic/Dragon allows for the cameraʼs recording function to be triggered wirelessly from the microRemote handheld controller. You can now trigger the record function remotely, whether the camera is inaccessible or the you are simply not near the camera. In addition, the remote will indicate when recording is active as well as when it is idle. Wireless triggering has never been so simple.

Integrated Solution

Gone are the days of external 9V battery packs and dedicated power to accommodate the RED Run/Stop Protocol. The Run/Stop Cable for RED Scarlet/Epic/Dragon has all the necessary electronics integrated into one slim cable.

Key Features

  • Integrated Red Run/Stop Solution
  • 24" in length to fit any rig
  • Flexible to keep out of your way

Tech Specs

  • Size 0 push/pull connector for microRemote
  • Size 0 push/pull connector to fit Red
  • 24" in length

What's Included

  • 1x 24" run/stop cable
  • Velcro strap