microBalance Quick Release 4lb weight kit

microBalance Quick Release 4lb weight kit


SKU: 8-119-0001

Add two microBalance QR Counterbalance Weights to your front heavy shoulder mount rig to improve overall balance.

Key Features


    The unique microBalance QR quick-release system allows weights to be added or removed simply by pushing a button and lifting the weight on or off the stack: no tools or screws are required. Each weight also integrates hole patterns on the plate face for mounting the most popular external batteries such as Anton Bauer, Sony v-mount, Switronix, IDX, and PAG.

Tech Specs

    No Cheese Required

    The microBalance QR Weights are 2lbs each and can be mounted on 15mm rails horizontally (with a rod clamp) or vertically (with the vertical mounting adapter). No cheeseplate is required for either mount option, and in the vertical configuration weights can also be adjusted left-right for fine-tuned rig balance. As many or as few weights can be stacked to achieve the ideal rig balance.

    Please Note This is a standalone weight, and requires additional hardware to mount to rails in horizontal or vertical position.

What's Included

  • 2x microBalance Quick Release 2lb weights