Gimbal Wire Ties, Large 2 pack

Gimbal Wire Ties, Large 2 pack


SKU: 8-195-0002

Professional cable wrangling accessory to eliminate cable disconnects and snags.

Get Organized

Tame your cables and avoid ruined shots with Redrock Gimbal Wire Ties. Wire Ties are designed specifically for DJI and Freefly gimbals and are the best way to organize and restrain all your cables. Wire Ties Eliminate accidental disconnects and snags so you can nail your shot with confidence, every time.

Eliminate cable disconnects and snags

Keeping cables well organized and tight on your gimbal gives you confidence to operate anytime without fear of snagging your cables, ruining your shot, or accidentally damaging your gear due to accidental disconnects.

Wrangle all your cables

Each tie has up to 7 channels for organizing all your gimbal cables including video, audio, power, and control accessories.

Designed for Gimbals

Wire Ties are the only solution with diameters that match your DJI Ronin and Freefly MoVI gimbals. Wire Ties are ultra lightweight (5g each) and small footprint makes them barely noticeable. Precision machining and advanced materials deliver a lifetime of great performance.

Great for Redrock gimbal accessories

Including the Navigator 7-in-1 command module, Satellite gimbal thumb controller, and SLS ultra lightweight motors

Product Features

Key Product Features Include:
  • Eliminates accidental cable disconnects cable snags
  • Designed specifically for gimbals, including all Freefly MoVI and DJI Ronin gimbals
  • Easy snap on/off
  • The optimum balance of cable restraint and flexibility to maximize both safety and movement
  • Multi-channel design wrangles up to 7 cables
  • Great for motor cables, video, audio, power, and any other cable up to 5mm diameter
  • Additional wide channel for cables up to 15mm width
  • Perfect add-on for microRemote, Navigator 7-in-1 command module, and Satellite gimbal controller
  • Precision machined for quality fit, long life
  • ultra lightweight - only 5g each

Material Weight
High-strength Delrin 5 Grams
Large Size Medium Size Small
Fits 30mm diameter Fits 25mm diameter Fits 15mm diameter
Compatible Gimbals
MoVI, MoVI Pro, Ronin, Ronin-M, Ronin-2, or any gimbal with support cages up to 30mm

What's Included with this Kit:
Qty Product Description SKU:
2 Large Gimbal Ties N/A

Why do I need Gimbal Wire Ties?

Gimbal ties are ultra lightweight gimbal accessories that wrangle cables to eliminate accidental disconnects and cable snags.

What are the different sizes compatible with?

Small 15mm - for 15mm support rails and compatible camera frame rails (such as the camera frame on Freefly MoVI )

Medium 25mm - for most gimbal frames, rings, and handgrip bars

Large 30mm - for handgrips and frames with added grip tape