Field Cinema Rig for Tall-Bodied Cameras

Field Cinema Rig for Tall-Bodied Cameras

SKU: 8-125-0002

The Field Cinema Bundle with lowBase is a comprehensive rig designed to support the taller professional cameras in handheld style shooting

Support for RED Nikon and Canon Tall Body Cameras

The Field Cinema Bundle positions the camera body comfortably on top of the shoulder to optimize balance, while the microBalance Vertical Mounting Adapter is ready for adding on microBalance Quick Release Counter Balance Weights for fine-tuning on overall rig balance. The rubber microHandgrips are sweat-resistant and soft, providing comfortable grips for all-day shooting. Monitoring is accomplished by an external monitor ergonomically placed in front of the operator on the handlebars and is fully adjustable with the included microMount with microSpud.

Key Features

  • Lift-and-lock thumbscrews to precisely tune the rig to your body and shooting style
  • Add the microFollowFocus or microRemote Handheld Bundle for solo operating and focus control
  • Select a microBalance Weight Kit separately to evenly distribute balance throughout the rig

Tech Specs

  • lowBase baseplate is designed for the tall professional DSLR camera bodies such as the Canon 1D series, and Nikon D3S/ D4, as well as shorter camera bodies with battery grips

What's Included

  • 1x lowBase Baseplate
  • 1x microShoulderPad with FieldTech™
  • 12" 15mm carbon fiber rods - 1 pair
  • 6" 15mm carbon fiber rods - 1 pair
  • 1x Handlebar Rod Clamp
  • 1x Handlebar 15mm rod - 8"
  • 1x Handlebar 15mm Rod - 4"
  • 2x microHandGrip
  • 1x microHandle
  • 1x microBalance QR Vertical Mounting Adapter
  • 1x microMount with Spud